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Classic design will never go out of style. No matter how much times change, this style will forever be preserved. Though it may not be for everyone, this classic style is a great way to add luxury to a home. From gorgeous and ornate salons to invite your guests into to a luxe and opulent bedroom to unwind after a long day.

This incredible home in Russia uses the Baroque style of design to create an extremely opulent and luxurious home, one fit for a king! The regal patterns and use of a white and gold color scheme make this home unforgettable. Let's look inside this beautiful palace home.

A living room fit for a king

We start this home tour in the opulent living room which follows a white, gold, and light green color palette. The beautiful green sofa and armchairs center around the ornate chandelier and beautiful mirrored table. They are plush with lots of pillows and gold tassels accenting the bottom of the furniture. These small gold accents can be seen all over the room, including the two chests in the corner, the designs on the ceiling, and the small pieces of framed gold and white wallpaper throughout the room. The gold can be seen everywhere but doesn't overwhelm the room but rather accents the furniture and adds an elegant touch. 

A place to feast

Just behind this beautiful living room is the dining area which is just as elegant. The beautiful white table features two gold columns underneath for support and also to play along with the colors of the room. This table seats eight and is accented by the most ornate chairs which are high-backed tufted chairs that are surrounded by a gold design. The table rests on a beautifully patterned hardwood floor that is seen throughout this living area. From this angle you can also see that there is a fireplace in this area, which is great to add that touch of coziness to the room.

A not so everyday kitchen

Just as with the rest of the home, this kitchen is very luxurious and ornate but a bit more subdued than the other rooms. This kitchen follows the same white and gold color scheme but with a richer gold color than the other rooms. This beautiful L-shaped kitchen features white cabinets with gold inlays that add dimension to the space. The tiled floor is also quite simple by the small gold tiles break this up and add a touch of color to the floor. The small kitchen table is a lot simpler than the one we saw in the dining room, but still feature chairs with a beautiful seat covering. The chandelier in this kitchen is probably the most ornate piece in this room but still fits in quite well with the space.

A luxurious resting place

Moving upstairs we find ourselves in the most gorgeous and ornate bedroom that is truly fit for royalty. The luxe purple wallpaper is a change from the gold and white we've seen throughout the home but still maintains the same amount of luxury. The large tufted bed provides a great night's sleep all while looking extremely ornate, serving as the statement piece for this room. Just behind the bed we can see very elaborate paintings that only add to the Baroque theme of the home. Beautiful hardwood floors of light and dark colored wood serve to create a beautiful pattern without the need of additional decoration. 

The place to unwind

Just as with the kitchen downstairs, we find ourselves in a less ornate room than the rest of the house. This bathroom follows the same gold and white color scheme we see throughout the home but still remains luxurious though with less adornment. The same tile pattern from the kitchen can be seen here giving the space a simple but beautiful floor. The large tub is perfect for relaxing after a long day and doesn't take up too much room in this rather small bathroom. The marble counters and gold accents throughout the bathroom add a touch of elegance without being too ornate for this subtle space.

Do you love Baroque design? Then check out this beautiful home!

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