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Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
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When it comes to personal spaces in your home, your bedroom is undoubtedly near (if not at) the top of your list. It is the room where we start our days but also end them. Our bedrooms are where we experience our dreams, share intimate moments, get dressed and enjoy afternoon naps – they might even be our occasional breakfast zone. It needs to be just right for all those moments.

Shouldn’t a space that plays such an important part in our lives deserve our full attention when it comes to decorating, then? Yes, of course! You need to care about the colour scheme and layout of your living room or kitchen but your bedroom deserves that extra touch of love and personality. It needs to look good and at the same time be the ideal relaxation spot for you. 

Let’s take a look at some ideas on how you can make your slumber zone the ultimate dream space!

Layer up

Layering up in winter means adding extra blankets and throws to keep you warm. But you can also layer up with colours and patterns to create interest, texture and some great depth in your bedroom, regardless of the season. All-white walls can sometimes look too clinical and cold but add bold colours and playful patterns and you move from everyday to exceptional immediately. Layers can encompass a multitude of different elements: linen, throw pillows, wallpaper, window treatment… if used correctly they can give your bedroom a distinct personality and style. 

Take a look at our accompanying image for some inspiration: three different patterns on top of the bed yet they are linked by the same tranquil palette. The addition of a darker rug on the floor offsets the combination beautifully and gives the bedroom a mature, elegant personality. 

For some more design stimulations, take a look at what the professionals over at King of Cotton can conjure up.

Light on the subject

Dark bedrooms are ideal for sleeping but how many of us look forward to getting lost in a novel while tucked in bed? Or finishing that new crossword (or Sudoku) puzzle? Whatever takes your fancy, you will need an adequate light source for your bedroom. From dimmed and dramatic to big and bold, lighting is an important decision for your dream space. 

• Before deciding on your choice of lighting, first determine your bedroom size (feel free to take your room measurements, along with wall plug and furniture placements, to a lighting showroom for some expert advice).

• Are you placing a desk in your bedroom, along with a computer? A bookshelf? How about a sewing machine? These items need directed lighting while sitting areas beg for softer, shaded fixtures. 

• Don’t overdo it with one major source of lighting strong enough to rival the sun! Rather opt for a combination of sources (portable lamps plus installed lighting) of lower wattage. Your electricity bill will also thank you. 

Tip: Symmetry is key. Create a clean and balanced effect (with a touch of eclectic style) and buy bedside lamps, nightstands and coordinating accessories in pairs.

Personalise your space

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Classic style bedroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

Your bedroom is your personal space so let it show!

1. Framed faces. Add some personality with a few photographs. Fill a blank space (whether on your wall or dresser) with some smiley faces of your family, friends and pets. 

2. Add some art. Art is a very personal décor element. When you find that one piece you love, choose an appropriate frame and hang it proudly in your bedroom. Then choose accessories to complement its colours, and watch how your bedroom comes to life. 

3. Blossom boosting. Flowers are not only for colour, they also add scent to any room. Display them in a delicate vase or dare to be different and prop them up in a vintage teapot or old glass jar! Consider injecting a warm tone of florals into an otherwise cool, collected décor palette for a striking effect, as is shown in the image. 

4. Work that whiff. The smell of coffee reduces stress levels so fill some ramekins with coffee beans, place a tea light in its centre, and enjoy rich, aroma-filled dreams.

The art of pillows

Few are things are as inviting as a bed resembling a great, soft cloud – and that is where pillows come in! But how many are appropriate? What sizes? Ultimately, there are no set rules as your bedroom’s personality is the deciding factor but let’s consider some guidelines:

• Big to small, back to front – this ensures that the fabric and colour selections of your pillows stand out.  

• Mix stacked with standing. Add two stacked pillows flat on top of your sleeping pillows, behind the decorative pillows on your bed. This can hide your sleeping pillows and add a great look to your bed.  

• Play with colour and patterns for a more casual look. A crisp, pale colour palette for your linen can be nicely offset with some busy patterned pillows for that artistic vibe. 

As is evident in our image, the combination of a busy bedspread and headboard, broken by some calm and peaceful pillows, adds a stylish effect to this bedroom. 

Why not take a look at Bedroom Colour Ideas for some additional inspiration for sweet dreams?

Comfy and cosy

Your bedroom should not only feel comfortable but look it too – after, all, you spend how much time recuperating in there? Consider the following:

• Choose a focal point. A beautiful piece of furniture becomes your bedroom’s focal point when angled into the room.  

• Experiment with window treatment. Changing from blinds to drapes (or vice versa) can make a dramatic change to your bedroom. Long and flowing curtains or straight and serious blinds – completely up to you!  

• Add some mirrors. They not only make a room seem bigger but also reflect natural lighting from the window, making your room brighter.  

• Make a theme. How about beach house? Add some seashells, driftwood-framed photos, starfish designs, ocean-blue throws for your bed… the possibilities are endless!  

• Add your favourite scent. Bundles of lavender in a vase, scented candles, essential oil burners, cinnamon spice during winter…

• Add a fireplace – a more pricey option, granted, but what does sleeping next to a crackling fire compare to? Not much!

Neutral is your friend

A calm, neutral backdrop (think blacks, beige, whites, greys) creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures, such as wooden elements, course linens and brushed velvets. It also allows you to add some bold palettes to your décor, which will make them stand out even more. The easiest way is to go for tone-on-tone neutrals (such as clean whites) and then throw in two accent colours (for example, in this image the addition of hot pinks with playful and dark wine purples inject a lively and warm element onto the pale canvas). 

Another advantage of going neutral is that you can hang more photos or artwork without worrying if it will clash. Neutral colours also make your room seem more spacious.  

Tip: Heat up your neutral colour scheme by adding wall decor with splashes of bold colours, such as gold or terracotta red, for winter. Then cool it down in summer with some artwork boasting fresh blues and clean greens, without having to change your wall colour. 

There is a multitude of design possibilities when it comes to the bedroom—let your desire inspire you!

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