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New York City is a place that many people dream of visiting or even living in one day. It's home to over eight million people from all over the world which makes it a really diverse and cool city to live in. This diversity and culture translates to the food and restaurants as well as the designs of many homes and neighborhoods. One of its most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods is the borough of Brooklyn.

In the last forty years, Brooklyn has turned into one of the trendiest cities in the world, with people of all ages and backgrounds flocking to this area. Our home today is one of the most coveted of home styles in NYC, the brownstone. These brownstones sell well into the millions of dollars and are some of the most beautiful homes in the city! This home is no different, boasting a gorgeous kitchen and outdoor deck, among the other beautiful spaces.

The exterior

A backyard is an elusive and highly coveted area of the home when it comes to New York City. Space is extremely limited and most of the city is taken up by high rise apartment complexes, leaving virtually on room for green spaces. But out in Brooklyn, where there's a bit more space, these brownstones are lucky to have patches of backyard perfect to feel like you're in the suburbs without actually being too far from the city. This beautiful brownstone not only has three stories but a small fenced in yard, perfect for kids to run around and enjoy the outdoors.

The second floor deck

Some people in New York have a small balcony to enjoy a small meal on, but this brownstones features a full-sized deck big enough to fit a table for six plus a couple of chairs by the stairs. The dark cherry table and chairs is a classic choice for such a classic home. It stands out against the black metal and white brick, while also meshing and maintaining a clean and classic look. This deck also looks into the beautiful kitchen, making it easy to enjoy a meal outside or entertain guests since you're not far from where the cooking action happens.

The stunning kitchen

Many people don't like city living because they feel they have to sacrifice on space, but this home has plenty of room to move around, just look at this kitchen! This beautiful kitchen and dining area follows a white and wood design theme, perfect for a classic look. The rich hardwood floors and dark wooden table boldly stand out against the white cabinet and marble countertops. The kitchen is designed in a U-shape which allows for a lot of free work space as well as space to put in lots of storage with these gorgeous white cabinets. Stainless steel appliances accent the space and three large windows provide tons of natural light for the space and also overlooks the beautiful deck.

A simple and modern living room

Heading into the living room we find a cozy space that is perfect to relax in. This simple living room features a soft and cozy brown sofa with a large leather ottoman which is also used a coffee table. This versatility is great for anyone who lives in the city so you don't need to pick and choose the things you want in your home. A funky glass pendant hangs from the ceiling and gives the room a soft glow while also projecting cool circular designs on the walls from the glass bobs. A fun and colorful striped rug gives the room a cheerful element without straying too much from the neutral theme of the room.

A room to grow up in

We then find ourselves in a children's bedroom which still follows that beautifully classic theme. This room can grow with the child since it is very muted and doesn't show any flashy characters or colors. The beautiful soft blue is great for any age or even if you want to change the room into something else. The rich hardwood floors and bed offer a bold contrast to the light colors while also maintaining a warm and cozy atmosphere. A simple, yet beautiful, mobile hangs from the ceiling but can be easily change for when the child outgrows it. This child's room is bright and ready to be played in!

A bathroom with everything you want

Since this beautiful brownstone features a spacious kitchen, why not also give it a spacious bathroom with all the bells and whistles? This gorgeous bathroom features a full size tub and a spacious shower, so the only decision you have to make is how long you will be relaxing for. The beautiful gray tile blends in with the neutral-colored floor tile that has just a few specks of color, making it both unique and beautiful. A trough-style double sink is both unique and plays off the neutral colors of the space, while the base of it stands out in this room with the deep hardwood color. This bathroom is bright and spacious, perfect for a beautiful brownstone!

Do you love classic style? Then check out this beautiful Brownstone!

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