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The many faceted home that shines like a diamond!

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MeyerCortez arquitetura & design Modern Terrace
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Wow! To say that this home wears many faces would be a really dramatic understatement, as not only is this house fully decked out for inside and outside entertaining, it also makes stylish decorating look like the easiest task ever! We think the interior designer in charge here must have been asked to come up with a scheme that would allow for easy family interaction, practical privacy when needed and immense social potential and they have really nailed it! You really won't believe just how much character and personality has been injected here, so enough talking and more looking!

Extra special opulence.

How many houses can you think of that have a whole separate kitchen out in the conservatory or garden room? More than that, how many have a seating area and a huge dining table too? It's amazing though and what an excuse to treat yourself to that grill you've always wanted!

Perfect for parties.

Though it must be nice and warm in here, we think this fabulous dining area might be reserved for special occasions, such as parties. As you'll soon see, there is a far more standard kitchen also in place, so it makes sense that this is more of a fun dining area. Who knows, perhaps this is the location for some amazing Christmas dinners every year!

Not overshadowed.

With an outside kitchen set-up in place, you would be forgiven for thinking that maybe the existing interior kitchen wasn't anything special, or perhaps it was a bit basic, but no! In this home, detail is key and the gorgeous black granite worktop, glass door fronts and natural wood cabinets all come together to create a space that feels outrageously stylish and homely, all at once.

Unusual choices.

We are always in awe of what you guys are doing with your homes and here, we see a more unusual take on built-in appliances. We've seen lots of gloss white and even black surrounds, but choosing to house the electronics in natural wood looks phenomenal, don't you agree? They almost disappear from view completely! 

The alternative dining experience.

We promised you that the interior designs were no less beautiful that that of the specially-created party area and now you can see that we weren't lying! With a round table here, the feeling is more intimate, close-knit and familiar, which is why we think this is the regular family dining spot. We love all the contrasts between super modern furniture and more traditional or even retro designs too! 

Pull up a chair.

After a delicious meal, what's the first thing you want to do, apart from unbuttoning your trousers? You want to go and get comfy on the sofa and relax, which this fabulous dual-function room helps you to do straight away. With a large television mounted on the wall and flanked by handy storage, all that's left to add in is some slouchy seating and maybe a comfy rug, which you'll find here and then some! Look at those relaxing chairs!

Luxury in the lavatory.

Anyone who thinks that toilets are simply functional rooms and can therefore be left a little lackluster needs to take a look at this charming little room! With warm lighting, luxury wall materials and even a bold wallpaper feature wall too, this really is a space that you'd be forgiven for enjoying for a while! The rich burgundy scheme is such a triumph too!

Terrific for teens.

Do you remember that we said this house was pure perfection for anyone that needed their privacy at times? Well this teenager's bedroom really proves the point! Decorated to suit only the inhabitant, the feeling of safe containment here is tangible. We love the installation of a fold-out bed that can be a sofa at all other times and just check out the clever book storage too!

More to see.

We love this room so much that we thought we'd show you another angle, to really demonstrate just how perfect it is for when teens want to shut the world out but still be able to get on with things! A wall-mounted television and well-stocked desk means that no matter how much homework there is to do or what TV show they want to watch, teens can do it on their own and in peace!

Family functionality.

A family bathroom is always at risk of becoming too cluttered, untidy and a nightmare to navigate, but this space seems as wonderfully laid out and clear of debris as any we have seen! The fab wall shelves are making it easy to stay on top of toiletries and a super simple decor scheme is taking care of keeping the room feeling light, bright and fresh. Lovely!

Grab the guests!

This is a guest room we would be happy to take a lot of inspiration from, as the vibrant accent colors make such easy work of cheering up an otherwise quite plain space! 

Master suite magnificence.

We don't know about you, but the neutral tones in this main bedroom would certainly make us feel comfortable enough to drift off into a good night's sleep! The flannel has a warm and cozy feel about it, but just wait until you see the genius storage that has also been included in this room!

More than a walkway.

What we love about this private dressing area, other than the sheer luxury of having it there, is how it actually takes you off to a private bathroom too. The lighting and shelves in this area make it so much more handy than a standard wardrobe, but it's the bathroom that we know you'll love…

For grown-ups only!

Peaceful, clean and so pared back, this must be a totally child-free zone! A great way to enjoy a little relaxation and privacy away from the rest of the household, this ensuite really does seek to finish this home off to perfection. Everyone is catered for, every room is unique and yet they all come together to create a stunning whole. Now that's why we love design!

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