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Walk-in wardrobes: 15 stunning ideas

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Modern Dressing Room by Citlali Villarreal Interiorismo & Diseño Modern
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Do you dream of having a spectacular space, dedicated to hanging, displaying and keeping all your treasured shoes and clothes safe? You're not alone, as people all over the world are turning dead space, spare rooms and portions of large bedrooms into walk-in wardrobes that will make your heart sing! We like to think that projects such as these are a lot of fun for interior designers to complete, as it's all about getting the perfect storage, best lighting and the luxurious vibe right and from what we can see, not many of them are coming up short! If you are in the market for a little dressing room inspiration, come and take a look at these amazing examples and see if anything whets your whistle!

1. Scandinavian style.

This walk-in wardrobe was love at first sight for us! Located at the end of a room, it makes great use of what could have been wasted space and has such a natural elegance about it that we imagine getting dressed in the morning to be a wonderful experience in here! The natural wood shelving is amazing!

2. Up in the roof.

Bespoke carpentry gets maximum storage out of this space, with sloping top cubby holes making ideal accessory portals and just look at those fantastic little shelves under the window! WOW!

3. Wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling!

This amazing walk-in wardrobe is our dream space, with a gargantuan amount of storage and a wonderfully free center space. The inclusion of a luxury carpet here really elevates the room, don't you think? It gives it a real celebrity dressing room feel!

4. Simple and elegant.

Part of a master bedroom, this cordoned off area is a lovely little walk-in wardrobe, with his and hers hanging space, a multi-functional seat and plenty of high fashion inspiration, in the form of wall art. Gorgeous!

5. Fit for a queen.

You can just tell that this is the walk-in wardrobe of a real fashionista, can't you? The hardwood floor is ideal for withstanding endless catwalking, and the lavish touches make this room feel like such an indulgence, which it is! 

6. Mirror, mirror, on the wall!

You need to know you look good from every angle before you leave the house and this walk-in wardrobe will guarantee you that confidence! With all the doors slid shut, this space would feel ENORMOUS, not to mention sleek and chic. 

7. All-white and super bright.

The combination of all-white shelving and dazzlingly bright lights here have made this walk-in wardrobe feel almost futuristic! You'd certainly never lose an earring in here or forget where you put a favorite bag and those wicker storage baskets look so cute! What a space!

8. Stunning with shelving.

The perfect walk-in wardrobe for you will include everything you need and nothing you don't. In this case, huge amounts of shelving for shoes was obviously key, as well as a good deal of hanging space for trousers and shirts. We love the little bench here, that makes trying shoes with various outfits a piece of cake!

9. Forming an orderly queue.

modern  by Campbell Watson, Modern
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

This example is a great representation of exactly why walk-in wardrobes are so handy; they organize you to within an inch of your life! With a place for everything and everything in its place here, you can see just how much you can customize your own space. Wow. Just look at those trouser rails; they're the exact right height from the floor!

10. Modern boutique.

Oooh, we LOVE this style of walk-in wardrobe, as it makes your clothes look as though they are on display in an upmarket boutique! The large storage drawers at the bottom would be perfect for sweaters and underwear, leaving only your most fabulous garb on display!

11. Traditional with a hint of modernity.

If your walk-in wardrobe needs to stash the whole family's garments, you might want to think about a neutral design scheme, especially so that the chaps in your home feel more comfortable in there! We think this chic wooden scheme, complete with leather furniture, looks just the ticket!

12. Eclectic and fun.

Fashion is such an expressive medium that don't you think your walk-in wardrobe should be a reflection of your tastes and style? We adore this spot, with endless cubby homes, shelving and drawers, but also a bright chair and matching footstool! They just add a little frivolity and fun to the space!

13. Small but spectacular.

Don't get caught up thinking that a walk-in wardrobe has to be huge to be of any real use, as this little example is fully functioning, cute as a button and lacking nothing! The tailored shelves are perfect, as they have been designed for very specific functions and fulfill them without difficulty!

14. Muted tones.

When you want your clothes to be the star of the show, a muted walk-in wardrobe design could be a great idea. You don't want the whole room to simply disappear into the background though, so a fabulous feature light is worth considering. Just look at how put together this room feels and how amazing that main light is! Dreamy!

15. Room with a view.

Wow. Sonnets could be written about this delightful walk-in wardrobe! With perfect wall-to-wall shelving in place, a gorgeous runner and more natural light than you could shake a stick at, this room is everything you'd need and more! We love the galley layout, as it would make separating clothes so easy! One side for you, the other for your partner. 

For more clothes storage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 20 Dressers and closets great for small spaces.

Are you blown away by the different styles here? Which is your favorite?
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