7 super creative ways to divide your rooms without walls

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Open plan living is wonderful, but not for everyone, at least not in terms of having absolutely no privacy! That's why so many interior designers are being asked to come up with clever and beautiful ways to add a little division, without the permanence of a solid wall. If you've often found yourself wondering how you can cordon off a little section of living room or perhaps make a dining area a little more intimate, then read on, as these room divide ideas are not only inspired, they are gorgeous too!

1. Sliding doors.

There when you need them and demonstrably absent when you don't, sliding doors are the ultimate solution for non-permanent room dividing. Thanks to the mechanism they run on too, they don't even make a big dent in the available room space. We love these wooden example, as they add such a rustic feel!

2. Floating cupboards.

Who doesn't need a little extra storage in their life? If you're anything like us, there are always items that simply don't fit in existing cabinets or just seek to make a space feel cluttered, so we think a large cupboard, in the middle of an open plan space, is a great way to separate functionalities. Look how well it works here!

3. Indoor garden.

A little unusual, sure, but you can't deny that this suggestion is impactful for ALL the right reasons! Creating two separate sitting areas that still feel intrinsically connected, the glass-enclosed garden here offers a mutual focal point, which keeps everyone feeling as though they are in the same space, but enjoying a little privacy. We love that palm!

4. Frosted doors.

If you strive to embrace an open style of living, even when you want some privacy, you won't want to shut out all the light, will you? That's why frosted glass doors are such a revelation! Ideal for shutting out the world a little bit, but still feeling airy and unconstricted, they'll look great with any decor scheme too!

5. Bookcases.

A tried and tested method for dividing a large room is using bookcases. With no backs on them, bulky bookcases feel far more open and allow for a connection to the cordoned off space, while also enjoying the added benefit of being useful! Essentially, your treasured possessions become your room divide and the key focus of your design scheme. Divine!

6. Transparent glass.

Never forget that the real selling point of glass is that you can blink and miss that it's there. This studio apartment still feels totally open, but the bedroom area has been cleverly sectioned off with clear glass and the result is a space that feels as large and well laid out as possible, with a snugly and enclosed feel where you want it the most.

7. Multi-functional furniture.

When bookcases aren't quite handy enough, how about investing in some truly multi-functional furniture to use as a room divide? Here, we see a bespoke set-up that has storage at every turn and even a serving hatch through to the kitchen. Perfect for when you still need to be able to communicate with someone in the next 'room', this style really appeals to us!

Fore more open plan living inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Open floor design ideas for your home!

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