5 mundane bathrooms transform magically!

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A bathroom is often the most neglected place in a home, probably because the time spent there is short. But have you considered how crucial it is to have a visually appealing and cozy bathroom for a truly rejuvenating experience? If you have not, then check out how these 5 drab and gloomy bathrooms undergo radical changes to become stylish and welcoming. The credit for these inspiring makeovers goes to the talented bathroom designers at Vivante.

Before and after: glum to bright

Dated tiles, old-fashioned sanitary wares, and a clunky washing machine made the bathroom appear cluttered and unappealing before. The wooden ceiling gave it a cramped and gloomy look as well.

But now, white, cream and sandy hues come together to make the bathroom a serene and relaxing place. Sleek designs and fashionable fixtures give it all a contemporary feel, while bright lights and cleverly placed mirrors lend cheerfulness and spaciousness.

Before and after: ordinary to wow

Drab off-white tiles, grime, outdated fixtures and lack of any creativity made this bathroom utterly mundane. The yellow sconce lights on either side of the mirror looked more jarring than pretty.

Post makeover though, the slightly curved false ceiling with black and silver mosaic tiles, lends a whole new edge to the bathroom. Pristine white walls, floor, and chic sanitary wares contrast the ceiling beautifully.

Before and after: shabby to chic

With clumsy double sink units, cluttered shelves, old tiles and an unattractive blue drape, the bathroom hardly promised any refreshment.

But white and creamy hues and minimalist fixtures have now changed its appearance incredibly. Strips of brown mosaic add color to the space, while a sleek sink counter and a curvy tub add oodles of style.

Before and after: boring to beautiful

Checkered tiles on the wall, exposed pipes and a forbidding black door did nothing to make this bathroom bright or attractive.

After renovation, the new look is gorgeous though! White paint, pale sea-green tiles for the walls, decorative tiles for the floor, and fashionable sanitary fixtures now lend a distinct charm to the bathroom. Softly glowing lights contribute to the peaceful and romantic aura.

Before: messy nightmare

Chunky appliances and fixtures, old-fashioned designs, and exposed plumbing made this bathroom messy and distasteful. Laundry, toiletries and cleaning supplies added to the clutter, while the white and gray tiles looked lifeless.

After: modern and pretty

Soft and soothing hues now fill the bathroom to give it a more appealing ambiance, while neat and sleek designs usher in modernism. Wall-mounted fixtures save on floor area, while niches help in arranging things and displaying artifacts. The stylish WC is separated from the sink with the help of a slim partition, while the shower stall is on the opposite side and gets reflected in the chic mirror.

So don’t wait any more. Use the ideas that inspired you the most and give your own bathroom a ravishing facelift. Here’s another before and after story you might like - Abandoned Farmhouse Turns Into Dream Home.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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