Richman Duplex Apartment, New York: modern Living room by Lilian H. Weinreich Architects

The New York duplex home you'd love to own!

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Living in a duplex in New York is a dream for many people, but the owners of today's project made that dream a reality. Scratch that. They hired an incredible interior designer that helped them to make it a super stylish reality! 

Boasting an impressive 5920 ft² of space, this upper west side duplex can be found on the 36th and 37th floors of an apartment complex and was totally transformed for a retired couple who had an affinity with Japan and Japanese styling, having worked over there for a number of years. Following Japanese principles of design, the duplex is divided into public and private areas, with the lower level being an open space for dining and socializing, complete with sliding Shoji screens. The private bedroom area is up on the second floor, away from the hustle and bustle of the main living quarters. 

We know that you'll love this utterly inspirational home, so let's waste no more time and get in there for a closer look!

That view though!

As you walk into this duplex, you can't help but be impressed by not only the simple, stylish layout of the apartment, but also that incredible view of the New York skyline. With such a backdrop as that, it comes as no surprise that the interior design scheme in place is minimal and simple! We love how a lot of the furniture and architectural features have cut-outs, so as to let the view permeate everywhere!

Cultural influences.

As we said, the owners of this duplex are heavily influenced by Japan and Japanese culture and it really shows with their choice of wall art! Opting for the utmost in simple and elegant additions, there have been no compromises made in this home, leaving every surface free of unnecessary clutter and every walkway peaceful.

Function over fashion.

Even here, in the kitchen, we see that the urge to fill countertops with accessories and food items has been resisted. To say that this area feels zen would be so underwhelming, as the calm and resonating elegance is so much more tangible than that! Smooth, natural worktops meet functional appliances with ease and the differing floor materials come together as though nature intended them to. Wow!

Easy transitions.

It comes to something when even corridors are super stylish! Having natural wood flooring here, with the grain running in the direction of travel, keeps the space feeling long and free-flowing and by having fabulous art at the end of the hallway, you are naturally drawn to walk down it! The way the white walls and wooden floor contrast and yet complement each other is astonishing!

No space wasted.

As you can see, the retired owners of this duplex spared no expense when it came to choosing materials for their home and that chunky marble vanity unit is a triumph! Deceptively simple, it dictates a natural color scheme of mottled whites and grays, with the occasional piquant addition of some rich wood. Utterly divine.

No mistaking the influence.

If you didn't already know that Japanese styling was highly influential here, this bathtub would definitely give the game away! Small but deep, the design is unmistakably Asian and with a shower adjacent, so luxurious! All the marble here is the perfect, cool finishing touch and if we're honest, leaves us a breathless as the rest of the home!

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