10 ways to make more of a narrow kitchen

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Don't look at a narrow kitchen as a huge problem, think of it as a fabulous challenge instead! How can you squeeze extra storage potential and fabulous usability out of it, without going overboard with expensive innovations? What would kitchen planners do? Well, if you have a narrow kitchen that you are currently contending with, we have some great tips to help you get started with your campaign to get more from it and when you see how simple they are, you'll kick yourself for waiting so long. Let's get started!

1. Give priority to cupboards.

It can be tempting to get caught up in wanting all the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, but you need to prioritize cupboard space in a narrow kitchen, so you can have clutter-free worktops! Always choose appliances that can take an extra cupboard on top of them!

2. Add multi-functional furniture.

Getting more from a narrow kitchen can be as simple as adding some stools! Don't believe us? Just look at this example! A narrow worktop has been turned into a multi-functional breakfast bar in one easy move! Genius!

3. Integrate appliances.

Rather than having appliances that don't fit perfectly in your narrow kitchen and waste precious inches, opt for integrated variations that will fit like a glove and even free up space for an extra narrow larder pull-out cupboard!

4. Add deep drawers.

If cupboards get too messy for you, how about swapping them out for trendy deep drawers? So much easier to organize, as you can see  everything in one glance, these make for fantastically well thought out kitchens, regardless of size!

5. Create defined zones with color.

You can create the illusion of a far bigger kitchen, if you use color to mark out specific zones! Here you see a super narrow kitchen that looks wide and deep, thanks to the use of anthracite gray in an uncompromising block. So clever!

6. Hide away the bins.

Nothing gets in the way quite like messy bins that are left out on display. In a narrow kitchen, navigating around these pesky items can be even more of a nightmare, so hide them away of choose integrated versions.

7. Put walls to better use.

Your kitchen walls can be a gold mine of untapped potential, so how about getting a little more creative with them? Simple metal sheeting won't take up any space, but will mean that you can add magnets to food containers and get them out of the cupboards or off the worktop and up onto the wall. 

8. Add task lighting.

Adding specific lighting to your narrow kitchen will help eliminate shadows that can emphasize the smaller dimensions of your space. Look to illuminate areas that often stay dark, such as under cupboards and you'll soon see your kitchen grow in size!

9. Play with bright colors.

You might be thinking that a narrow kitchen needs to be kept all white in order to feel much bigger, but you'd actually be wrong! Some bright colors can actually lift and add new dimension to a space, so if you have an affinity for the bolder side of the color spectrum, get experimenting now!

10. Employ hanging storage techniques.

This is a great tip, especially if you like a bit of a rustic feel in your kitchen! Rather than trying to house bulky utensils and pans in drawers and cupboards, why not hang them on racks and tension bars? They'll look great and give you back plenty of storage, which you can use to keep the worktops clutter-free! It's a triple win!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Kitchen tools your workspace needs!

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