19 smart tricks that will renew your home on the cheap

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Every so often we all get sick of looking at the same things day after day, time and time again in our homes. But unfortunately we can't always afford to splash out and buy a new piece of furniture, or invest in that amazing piece of art we saw the other day. 

So today we have put together 19 tips of how you can change the look of your home without blowing the budget. You don't have to hire professional decorators or designers to recreate, or to freshen up a room. With some go-get-em attitude and a bit of pre-planning, you can do it all yourself, and best of all: on the cheap! So why not start scrolling and get inspired starting now. 

1. Repaint, reclaim or reuse old furniture to give it new life as something else.

2. Grab a brush, some color and masking tape and paint your own feature mural!

3. Set up a feature installation in your entrance way. Keep it playful and add colorful figurines like these.

4. If you have beautiful brickwork behind your cladding, plaster or wallpaper, then strip it back and reveal them.

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5. Paint photo frames, or decorate the edges of mirrors to hang as a unique wall installation.

6. Cover a wall with your own customized bookcase and start building a private library.

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7. Lay new flooring, or sand back the one you already have. Another option: paint your floor a bright color like canary yellow and you will never feel grumpy!

8. Hang new lampshades. Old industrial lights are a great feature to add to any space—be it residential or commercial.

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9. Installing colored lighting can really change the atmosphere of a room. Some lights even have multiple color options for more fun still.

10. Sew your own pillow cases or cushion covers with brightly colored, or boldly patterned fabric.

11. Pick out a color from your furniture and paint a feature wall of the same shade.

12. Get creative and construct your own lighting, like this unique tripod and mesh lamp.

13. Pick up some charms, souvenirs or re-purpose old decorations to add around the home.

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14. Buy a new pot plant or simply pick fresh flowers to have in a vase. A bit of greenery instantly updates any room.

15. Try adding some decorative hinges or even changing the doorknobs on your cupboards for a new look.

16. Get inventive with the way you hang things. Paint old toys and use them as jewelry hooks, or as a coat rack.

17. Inexpensive carpets look good both on the floor and on the walls. Or try having decorating both for added impact.

18. Think about the containers and accessories you have around your home. You can easily paint any dull containers, or buy brightly colored ones.

19. Our favorite tip: buy a fun shower curtain. Remember to pop it in the washing machine frequently to keep it looking bright.

And if you loved these tips, then here are eight more to use around the home. They are so simple you will be wondering why you didn't know these before! 

Have you got any of your own inexpensive decorating tips? Share them with us below

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