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Not all innovative architecture projects have to look like glass boxes stacked on top of each other with self cleaning windows. This new family home built by architects ARCHITETTI BAGGIO is a project leaning toward a more traditional style, but is still as modern and innovative as any modern day glass box.  

By using tons of natural wood, stone and raw concrete, this suburban home combines rustic styling and materials with modern technologies and comfort. On a superficial level, this home is not overly extravagant, as the architects have favored a more subtle elegance. It doesn't look like a sprawling mansion that costs millions to build, nor does it look like a renovated farmhouse. Sitting somewhere in between the two extremes, this is a sensible, unique house with all the modern fittings and trappings. It is the ideal house for any modern family. 

Finding space in the suburbs

Featuring two levels, a huge living room, multiple bedrooms and even a wine cellar, this home has more than enough space for a large modern family. The architects really made the most of building a house from scratch: each room is open plan, spacious and bright. 

A playground for the whole family

The same is true for the grounds outside the house—with the huge expansive manicured lawns, covered terrace and outdoor seating area, there's enough space for everyone to enjoy time outside. Now the adults have enough space for an outdoor barbecue party, and the kids have room for their trampoline or playhouse. Everybody wins! 

Hidden outdoor grill

Cleverly disguised in one of the foundation pillars, this outdoor grill can also double as an open fire to spend the chilly nights in front of. The stone laid around the outside is the perfect finish for what is easily the best feature of this house. 

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Brand new and super sleek interior

Now onto the inside, where lack of space is never an issue. The living room is styled in an ultra modern, super sleek way with black leather couches, pristine white walls and impressive lights. Stone is a reoccurring theme throughout the house (and also in these houses) making another appearance as the feature wall behind the television. 

A Simple And sturdy staircase

The staircase connecting the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs to the living room downstairs is a minimalist dream in flawless white and luscious natural wood. It is simply designed, but executed perfectly and built to last. Able to handle a lot of wear and tear, this is the backbone of a busy household. 

A (large) place to lie your head

The main bedroom is another room that shows off the high quality materials this home is made from. Matching the furniture to the floor, it's mostly wooden, and is instantly calming. With the high ceilings, it feels absolutely luxurious, and once again, space is not an issue.

So if you are thinking of building your own family home from scratch, then take note! This one has it all.   

Do you like this minimalist white and wood style? Or do you love more color? Tell us your preference below! 

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