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Harch Condiments Caddy Harch Wood Couture KitchenKitchen utensils
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Why is it that we spend hours and hours searching for the perfect finishing touches to our homes, only to keep them safe out of sight until a special occasion arises? When you think about it, spending money on fancy appliances or fine tableware, only to lock them away, collecting dust until the Queen comes to tea, really doesn't make sense. A better idea would be to actually enjoy the lovely things we buy for our homes—surely that is not that outlandish a suggestion? It's time to think about what you could be making more of in your home, and once you realise how using these things every day can make a big difference to your room (and even your mood), you'll wonder why you were ever holding them back. 

Reassessing what you actually have in your home might cause you to realise how much stuff you've forgotten about over the years, so you can also treat this exercise as an early 'spring-clean'. In addition to that, once you take a more relaxed approach to how you use your favourite items in your home, you'll find this relaxed attitude filters into your every day life as well! 

Snazzy kitchen appliances

We get lured in by advertising campaigns for swish coffee machines (we've all seen George Clooney enjoying his espresso on TV), soda drink machines and ice makers, amongst a number of other modern appliances. We buy them, admire them, then forget about them in the day to day mayhem of every day life. We like to impress our guests with a cup of 'proper' coffee, and when we do finally find the time to sit down for a catch up and a caffeine fix, we realise how much better coffee actually tastes when the beans are freshly ground and the coffee is filtered. Take a little bit more time each day to enjoy these appliances, and start your day off on a high note with better quality drinks. For an extra lift to your mood, invest in some quirky cups and pouring jugs like the ones you can see here. Their little ceramic feet are inexplicably cute, and the novelty of the design is sure to put a smile on your face! 

Your best crockery

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Mother of Pearl Teaspoons

Andrassy Living

It's definitely something that has been passed down through the generations: saving our best crockery for a special occasion is something our parents, and grandparents before them, did religiously. However, just because it's a tradition doesn't mean it should continue as such. Break the rules and bring out your best tea time accessories every day! Don't worry, the saying 'too much of a good thing' doesn't apply to kitchenware, so go crazy and just enjoy eating from your prettiest plates, pouring tea from your china teapot and spooning up your cereal from your inherited porcelain dish.

Set your table

Harch Condiments Caddy Harch Wood Couture KitchenKitchen utensils
Harch Wood Couture

Harch Condiments Caddy

Harch Wood Couture

The table is always a consideration at dinner parties. We dedicate a decent amount of time to choosing which tablecloth looks best with the décor, and which centrepiece makes the biggest impression,  not to mention the seating plan. Once the guests are gone, however, we tend to strip our table back to it's original state, packing away the decorations until next time. Why not make more of an effort to beautify your table, just for the sake of it? Of course, it's not realistic to expect to do this every day—some days a quick takeaway seems like the only option, and we simply don't have time to have a sit down meal, but that little extra effort can make average family meals a much more enjoyable experience. This condiments caddy is a great example of a practical and stylish addition for your dining table—just add the fine crockery and a delicious meal, and the scene is complete. 

Pick your own flowers

Don't wait for someone to buy you flowers; pick your own from your garden, or simply treat yourself. Fresh flowers brighten up the room, and also add a pleasant fragrance. The perfect place for flowers is in the hallway, so that as soon as your visitors walk through the door, or you return from a long day at work, the scent of peonies or lilies welcomes you into the home. All you need is an elegant modern vase to hold the them. Unfussy and simple vases are best, as they don't detract from the beauty of the flowers, and you can mix as many colours and types as you like without worrying about matching them to the vase. 

Your most luxurious bedding

It's tempting to save our best bedding for the guest room in order to offer something special to our visitors when they stay over. This also means our best bedding isn't actually used that often, and is hidden out of sight for most of the week. One worry could be that using our best bedding regularly, whether it be a special duvet cover, or woven blankets, will cause wear and tear of the fabric. This shouldn't be a concern, as fabric is easy to repair with a simple needle and thread. If you're worried about how many washes it might need, just stick to handwashes or gentle fabric sprays, and there wont be any problems at all. So, there's nothing to stop you! Transform your own bed with your favourite throws and bedding and wake up every morning feeling like royalty. 

Your favourite candles

Candles are an easy way to create ambience in a room. Soft, flickering flames can make a room more cosy and inviting, and if you go for scented candles, you have the added benefit of a beautifully perfumed home as well. Candles vary greatly in price: you can find some nice scented candles on a budget, those these tend to burn much quicker than the high-end candles. It might not seem very frugal to light your finest candles every day, but if you pay a little more for the best quality, you'll find they last longer and you do get more for your money. 

It's amazing how much of an effect candles can have on your mood—they can really help you relax and settle down after a long day, so we think it's worth lighting them each day, even if it's just for an hour or two. You could also think about the candle holders you choose, as there are loads of great options available that can change the tone and hue of the light depending on the colour of the glass. We love these modern candle holders from The Scandinavian Shop. It seems you don't only need to use these holders for candles, so get inspired!

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