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Welcome to this bright, airy and beautiful French home, where contemporary designs, trendy furnishing and lively hues find a common meeting ground. Thanks to the stone, paving and concrete professionals at Concrete LCDA, this house features stylish concrete elements in anthracite gray, especially on the floor and in the kitchen. The architects at Holloways of Ludlow Kitchens filled this residence with many practical, space saving touches as well. The interiors look cheerful, sleek and comfy.

Bright and open interiors

Smooth gray concrete floor slabs in mineral finish add elegance to the open plan interior, while floor to ceiling glazing allows sunlight to filter in generously. Glass doors also allow an unhindered view of the verdant garden outside, and ensure ample ventilation when left open. Now let’s take a closer look at the double height dining area.

Trendy dining space

A sleek wooden table surrounded by chic white and yellow chairs make mealtimes pleasurable here. A cream-hued rug contrasts the gray floor, while trendy copper pendant lights offer a soothing glow in the evenings.

Cozy touches

A fashionable black leather armchair and footstool make for a cozy reading spot near the kitchen counter. A tripod lamp with beautifully patterned shade adds charm to this space as well, while glass windows bring in natural light.

Gorgeous kitchen

Premium quality Beton Lege was used in crafting the kitchen island as well as its front and legs. The anthracite gray shade of the island goes gorgeously with the wooden bookshelf as well as the tall in-built cabinets. Embedded cook top and sink adds convenience here, along with minimalist fixtures, while customized niches house modern appliances. Ultramodern chrome and wood chairs have been placed near the island for easy socializing, while trendy pendant lights cast a dreamy glow after dark.

Stylish snack counter and bar

Beton Lege in anthracite gray was again used for building this chic bar counter, and it looks great with the wood and glass elements here. Modish high chairs with dark green seats add a subtle pop of color here.

Lovely way to go up

Wooden floating steps and glass balustrade make this staircase to the mezzanine a sure hit. The latticework on the left is decorative, but can aid in light storage as well. Wood adds warmth and coziness to the white environment, while glass caters to the style quotient.

View from the island

Here’s a look at the interiors from the kitchen island. Note how the vibrant red and black wall hanging adds liveliness to the modern fireplace. The bright yellow armchair under the staircase, the openness of the home, and numerous glass windows everywhere contribute to the refreshing ambiance.

What a delightfully sunny, bright and stylish home this is! For more ideas, take another tour - 11 Photos Of A Rustic House That Will Inspire You To Build Yours.

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