4 kitchen makeovers you won't believe!

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While we freely admit that horror story bathrooms are one of our biggest fears, sad and old fashioned kitchens are enough to bring us to tears and when we saw the before pictures here, we almost cried! Thankfully, all of them are counterbalanced with beautiful shots of how the spaces have been transformed, with the help of some talented decorators and kitchen planners, leaving us elated and filled with admiration, instead of desolate! If you need a little visual inspiration ahead of revamping your kitchen, then read on, as we have some fantastic ideas here, just for you!

1. Before: cluttered catastrophe!

Don't you just hate this atrocious attempt at creating a usable kitchen? Filled with clutter, overbearing wood and a horribly dated worktop, this is what we'd call a total kitchen nightmare!

1. After: black and white wonder!

Wow! Where has all the clutter gone and what happened to that terrible worktop? This sleek, contemporary installation looks incredible and thanks to the simplicity of the design, the room feels exponentially bigger too! Painting the window frames white too is a top tip, as it makes them simply disappear!

2. Before: what the actual hell?

If you try and tell us that this is a kitchen we will call you a liar! Good god, what a terrible sight to behold! Where do we even start with this? The 1970's cabinets? The terrible curtains? Or how about that ridiculous microwave shelf? Get us out of here!

2. After: total transformation.

We had to check that this was definitely the same room, as the change is so dramatic! Extending the room divide up to the ceiling has made for a far more defined space and added a vital extra section of worktop too, while modern cabinets offer far more style. The matching floor and wall tiles look amazing here and help to define where the kitchen ends and the dining room begins. What a great idea for an open space!

3. Before: pattern overload!

Don't get us wrong, we love some bold pattern usage, but here, the clashing colors and styles are anything but cohesive and stylish! Add in old fashioned cabinets and windows and you have an equation for a disastrous kitchen! Seriously, we can't get over that floor!

3. After: peaches and cream.

The warmth resonating from this kitchen now is absolutely lovely! A natural terracotta floor and wall tile has added such style and classic harmony to a formerly confusing little room and the new windows look great too! By coupling such a warm color with cream, the look remains the perfect combination of modern and classic and as a whole, the room feels bigger and far more usable!

4. Before: what's the theme here?

If you can discern what the theme is here or what the proposed style is meant to be, please tell us, as we haven't got a clue! Nothing seems to quite match, work together or look well thought out. As a whole, this room just looks like 1000 shades of wrong!

4. After: warm and welcoming.

Now this is a kitchen with a prescribed notion of what it should look like! Lemon and wood are a perfect pairing and with white cabinets, the whole space feels like a zingy and refreshing lemon meringue pie! The small dining bench is a great touch too and just goes to show that you don't need a huge space to be able to add some multifunctional items!

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Which of these kitchens inspired you the most?

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