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We like a minimalist interior as much as the next person, but there's something special about a home that dares to be exceptionally different! How many times have we been told that mixing and clashing colors and patterns is a big no-no, yet here we are, looking at a modern masterpiece of a home that does exactly that, in EVERY room, from the bathrooms through to the main living space. What's more, these spaces have been designed by an expert decorator, so you know they have been given the professional seal of approval! If you're keen to add a little more exotic flavor to your home, take a look around this apartment with us, as we think all the inspiration you need is contained within its walls!

Laying on the lavender!

Now this is an amazing use of color, texture and pattern, don't you agree? The blue/purple hue is an unusual choice, but it looks fantastic in this open plan home, especially when contrasted with darker items and monochrome patterns. The use of statement light fixtures is fantastic too and really elevates the overall look!

Classical touches.

There's no denying that this is a modern home, but we love that the contemporary vibe is perfectly accentuated by this seemingly traditional kitchen, complete with dark wood cabinets and a heavily patterned floor! The white worktop keeps the space feeling a little more on the modern side, as does the lighting, but the darker feel really adds a touch of classic sophistication.

Tremendous transitions!

Wow. This apartment is so unusual, in terms of layout! This hallway shows that the kitchen is blocked off at this side, but opens into the main living space and is highlighted with dark wooden framework everywhere, while the other rooms have white entrances. With a patterned floor section in place too and task lighting for particular pictures, this is a truly unique home! Knowing that this is the view as you walk in makes it even more exceptional!

Amazing blending!

Isn't this a bolt out of the blue in terms of design? You might have been expecting something a little more lavender or monochrome to follow on from the rest of the apartment, but this natural wood and pistachio space is incredible and unexpected. That corner shower makes great use of all the available space too! Wow!

Statement walls.

You must know by now that we are huge fans of statement wallpaper and what it can do for a room! This dramatic and dark design really makes a feature of this office/studio and will have been simple to hang too. That's our idea of a genius design touch! 

Comfort at every turn.

If we swing around in the studio, you can see that the statement wallpaper is supported by a lovely dark green color on the other walls, as well as a comfortable sofa, traditional drapes and a fabulous light too! What an eclectic room! We really can't pin down what style this trying to be, but we love it!

Bold as brass!

This is a fantastically bold bedroom, don't you think? The navy blue walls, patterned floor, red headboard and full height windows really make a big impact and create a room that is nothing short of luxurious. The wall mirror is a fabulous nod to retro styling too, making this room a perfect blend of everything the owners must love!

Rambunctious red.

Just when you thought that wood and green bathroom was the pinnacle of out there design, we bring you this little number as well… from the same apartment! What a fabulous little water closet, with gloss red subway tiles, funky art and some wood thrown in for good measure too!. This whole home is so unapologetically bold!

Luxury lounging.

Just to finish this tour off, we come to the main family bathroom (yes,  that makes three!), which we think you'll agree is the most luxurious room we have come across. Though the colors are a little more neutral, the way they have been used is exceptional! Creating this spa-style bathroom, the mocha,latte and cream tones look relaxing and indulgent and with the dark wood vanity as a contrast, there are tangible connections through to the rest of the house too. Gorgeous!

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And here are more photos for those extra details!

Did you love the use of color and pattern here?

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