How to create an amazing loft bathroom

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Your loft space could be simply wasting away, unless you have considered a stunning spa-style bathroom for it! You might be raising an eyebrow right now and thinking that we have gone a little crazy, but don't, as a top floor bathroom is a seriously stylish way to make more of your home and architects are seeing many more clients coming forward with a request to design one. If you're curious about the process or wondering if it might be a little too time consuming for you to take on, check out this amazing guide to creating a loft bathroom and prepare to be besotted with the idea for your home too! 

1. Assess the space.

Be realistic about what you can feasibly fit into your loft, before you even get started and think about what you absolutely cannot live without, as this will dictate the layout!

2. Lay the floor.

As this is going to be a wet space, you need to be sure that what you lay as the main floor will be waterproof and won't corrode after years of damp contact. At this stage, you will need to have basic plumbing decided on and installed too, such as the drainage pipes.

4. Box in the room.

Time for drywall! You'll need to make sure that you use bathroom-specific drywall and that you properly fill and cover all the joins on the wall, but it's really starting to look like something already!

5. Move the suite items into place.

You won't be plumbing them in yet, but you need the larger items in place, so you can see exactly where you need to plaster! Don't forget to cover the new suite up, or you might damage it and please don't ask us to help you wrestle a bathtub up the stairs!

6. Get plumbing.

Before you lay the final floor finish, you need to get all your suite items plumbed in and working, otherwise you might expose the new surface to water before you want to! Keep all the suite items covered still, to protect them.

7. Finish the floor.

Now you can go to town with a fabulous, bathroom-specific floor! We love this style, which is a ceramic tile finish, designed to look exactly like wooden floorboards. You really can't tell the difference, but this is totally waterproof!

8. Unveil the gorgeous suite items.

With the floor down and plumbing all in place, you can, finally, unveil all those lovely suite items that you chose, to see how the room is coming together! This is a great opportunity to make sure that your taps and fixtures will look perfect, as you can still swap them out if they don't work!

9. Add the finishing touches.

Some modern faucets, a headrest for the bath and a few fantastically sophisticated accessories really finish this bathroom off to perfection and create that zen vibe that was clearly wanted. Wow!

10. Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Wouldn't you just love something like this, up in your loft, which would have otherwise been wasted space? It's not a huge room, but it certainly makes a big impression! The inclusion of a shower at the tallest point is ingenious too! 

For extra loft inspiration, in case a bathroom wouldn't work for you, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 loft space ideas.

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