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8 Laundry rooms that make chores enjoyable

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Doing laundry is a chore. And it's a chore that gets harder if your laundry room is a disorganized mess. To help you think about how to reorganize yours, we've found eight rooms specifically designed to make washing and drying clothes a more enjoyable experience. They are not only more practical, but also more stylish, more fashionable and look like a modern laundry room should look. 

So if you are wanting to restructure your own laundry room, then read on and take some tips from these rooms. Follow their lead and your washing room will fast become your favorite place in the house! 

1. Everything in its place

With two enormous wash basins, a designated space for the top loading washing machine and front end dryer, this laundry is fit for a professional. Thanks to specific cupboards for cleaning products, a space for a drying rack, and more than enough room to move in, no amount of dirt would stand a chance in this laundry! 

2. Embracing color and patterns

This laundry is similarly well organised, and has bolts of color added to keep it looking bright and playful. The green and purple storage baskets that fit underneath the benches is a fantastic way to keep everything tidy and ordered. Installing or painting a brightly colored floor like this green one is perfect for the home owner who loves patterns, prints and loud shades.  

You can find some beautiful woven baskets here for keeping all of that dirty washing in check!

3. Simple symmetry

This ultra modern laundry corner by interior designers and decorators CLEAN DESIGN shows how striking a simple set up can be. They have used symmetry and non-traditional colors to create a small space that really stands out. If you want something different, then go for a washer and dryer in black and complement it with matching floor tiles. 

4. Choosing an appropriate color scheme

The areas we designate for the laundry are usually not the biggest, or easiest places to decorate, so the color scheme we use is important. Even though this laundry has no windows, it still feels spacious and bright, thanks to the white cupboards, cream walls and lighting that is installed up high. 

The darker flooring and appliances ground the room and save it from being glaringly white. 

5. Clean looking

Using a reflective surface like this silver one is a fantastic way to work with the theme of the room, giving this laundry a hygienic and futuristic feel. If your shelving is white, and you have a lot of silver hardware and appliances, then why not decorate with mirror, or silver tiles to tie it all together? This looks flawless, and most importantly: clean! 

6. More than enough space

If you only have a closet space to use as your laundry, then don't worry! Here is another sleek design by CLEAN DESIGN, which utilizes this nook extremely well. It fits two side-by-side machines perfectly, with enough space for a bench, two corner cupboards for products, and the best part: a railing installed in the middle to hang drying, or wrinkled clothes on. 

7. Get organized

This is actually the other view of one of the laundry rooms featured earlier, but it has so many great ideas, we wanted to show it off again. If you have enough space, then we definitely recommend building floor to ceiling cupboards like these. They're perfect for storing extra linen, towels or winter blankets in. 

And no matter how much space you have, there will always be enough room for a railing to be installed. It's an essential for every organized laundry!  

8. Running a tight ship

This spacious laundry has everything to make sure it can handle the workload of a large modern family. A workbench is always helpful to have in a busy household. As is a deep wash basin for hand washing, or cleaning sports shoes in. 

And probably one of the best ideas is having baskets or transparent boxes to separate family member's clothes into. Tips like these will help you run a tight ship and turn doing those chores into a dream!

If you are looking for more ways to keep your home organised, then check out these tips for storing shoes neatly

Using washing baskets is one of the easiest and best ways to stay organized. What do you do to keep things tidy?
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