14 spectacular ways to use brick in your home

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Creativity is infinite and coming up with new solutions to use shapes and materials to beautify our spaces is something that keeps designers busy. We can use brick as an example. There are several types of brick; those made up of different materials to those of different colors. Whilst bricks are usually hidden inside a wall and act as the foundation, we have decided to show you how to use brick as a exterior feature in may of your rooms—the results will surprise you and make you want to do the same. 

Come and take a look. 

1. Bricks around windows

In this case, bricks have been used as a structure for the window openings. They not only add to the design of the room, but also help to visually ground the space. 

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2. Bricks to reflect your style

Having exposed surfaces of brick in our spaces can help to define and reflect your style. In this case the industrial style is combined with appropriate lamps and metal elements which all work to create the look. 

3. A more traditional style

We can find a more traditional use for brick which depends on how we use it in a space. In this image, bricks have been used as part of the kitchen and the arches create a rustic look. 

4. A brick wall of different effects

There are several types of brick which was used in this dining room. Some are yellow bricks and others have a dark accent. This generates a raw and intriguing surface which is perfect as a backdrop in a dining room that is formally organized. 

5. Contemporary style

When brick is combined with light furnishings, we get a variety of rhythms working together to create a unified space. For example the cream floors and plaster ceilings act as reflective surfaces which give a contemporary look to the room, whilst the bricks create a warm contrast.  

6. Brick and natural wood

Brick and natural wood are great allies in decoration and work with perfect harmony to give warmth to a space. It is important to consider that these materials tend to obscure the spaces, so it is recommended to use large white surfaces of walls and ceilings to achieve greater light in the rooms.

7. Reviving the brick

Discovering what is behind your plaster our wall can be an intriguing experience and as long as the original brick is in good condition, it can revived. No matter the color, the shades of light and dark will look spectacular with the right decor. 

8. Coated wall

Covering the original walls to create the appearance of brick can really bring a lot of warmth to a room. In this case, the hallway entrance walls have been coated to add more character to the space. 

9. Bricks in spaces with humidity

Bricks can be used in spaces of humidity to prevent moisture. The shelves here act as a cupboard which is decorative with the addition of lighting.

10. Backdrop

Brick surfaces can serve as backdrop to a space, for example in this care the TV is highlighted with the white strip and the wall is used as a backdrop to create a sense of warmth. 

11. Brick in the kitchen

Brick is used as a back-splash in this kitchen which also compliments the wooden counter tops. Combining these two materials is not always easy, but in this case has turned out amazing. 

12. Illuminating the brick

Part of what we like about brick is its irregularity. Bricks also can evoke another era, and with proper lighting to highlight its special character, you can really bring out the best in this material.

13. Bricks that unify spaces

In this case bricks have been used to unify the indoor and outdoor environment. The brick wall extends through the living and dining area and gently leads us beyond the internal boundaries of the house. 

14. Bricks as a feature wall

Bricks make a great feature wall. They can be used as a backdrop in your living room for your TV which creates a wonderful contrast. 

Which of the 14 ideas was your favorite? Tell us in the comment section! 

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