Kitchen islands: 10 amazing ideas

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The kitchen island is a beautiful and versatile piece in your kitchen. It functions as extra work space, a breakfast bar, a place to put the cook top and so much more. So why not make the island the main focus of your kitchen? From your run of the mill granite countertops to an elaborate breakfast nook, these ten kitchen islands will inspire you to create a beautiful piece for your kitchen. These islands are sure to wow you and will fit with any decor you have for your home!

1. The breakfast nook

Many people use the kitchen island as a breakfast bar to maximize the use of this piece, but why not incorporate an entire seating area into this space? This kitchen perfectly displays this idea with an L-shaped island that has plenty of counterspace for cooking and then incorporates the dining area right into the island. By using a bench that follows the shape of the island and a small table with a few chairs, you can maximize the amount of people who can sit here and don't have to choose between having a dining area or an island. It's really the best of both worlds!

2. Truly modern design

Most modern kitchens have an island, but why not think outside of the box when designing this piece? Since modern designs feature geometric patterns, incorporate this idea into the kitchen island to create a unique piece of art that is also very versatile. This black island uses funky geometric lines to build an angled island and even incorporates a quirky breakfast bar in front of the sink. You still get all the functionality of an island with the extra counterspace and cooking range but now it is the wow factor of your kitchen!

3. The classic design

In this classic kitchen you have an island that is both versatile and beautiful. This particular island doesn't have any kitchen appliances attached to it so it can be used as a place to eat, a place to do work, or even a place to serve food to your guests at a party. Rather than having cabinets, this island uses bookshelves as storage so you can display cookbooks or just have easy access to certain appliances if you want. This space is meant to display one mainstay item, such as a plant, and to be free from kitchen appliances so it maintains that welcoming and useful space.

4. Island of the future

Not all islands have to be completely detached, they can act more like a peninsula in some cases. This island, for example, has one end attached to the wall but has three sides of workspace so that you can get maximum use out of this space. The coolest part about this island is the drawers that seem to slide straight out of the paneling, creating a unique and interesting addition to this peninsula. The overhead range also provides ample lighting for this area without having to drill straight into the ceiling! This beautiful kitchen is both futuristic and beautiful with its take on the island!

5. Minimal is marvelous

You don't always need to make a big fuss to create a beautiful space, that is what minimalism is all about. This minimalist kitchen does just that with its striking cantilevered kitchen island. With the natural beauty from the outdoors, this kitchen doesn't need a lot to make it beautiful. This bold black island is quite simple with a cooktop, sink and breakfast bar but it looks quite powerful in this minimalist kitchen. The orange cabinets add a nice contrast to the black without distracting too much from the initial design. 

6. A work of art

If you're looking for a unique piece to add to your home, look no farther than the kitchen island! You can design it in any way that you think is bold and beautiful and people will be astounded by what you can do with this everyday fixture. This island, for example, doesn't have any space for a place to sit, but is quite the unique addition to this wood and white kitchen. The diamond like edges offer a unique shape but the rest of the island is still has versatile as a normal one. With a sink and electric cooktop there is still plenty of counterspace to work and foods vividly pop out against the white counters.

7. An island for every home

Whether you have a massive kitchen or an average sized one, there is always room for an island. If you design your kitchen carefully, you will have enough space for all of the appliances, tons of counterspace, and room left over for a mini island with a small seating area. This kitchen is the perfect example! The L-shaped kitchen plan easily fits a small island in the center of the space which has a small space for two stools to easily pull up to the counter and enjoy some breakfast. The island is free of any cooktop or sinks so that it can be used for many different purposes without anything getting in the way.

8. The bigger, the better

If you are lucky enough to have a massive kitchen then you can go crazy with your kitchen island! This stunning kitchen features a large area that has all of the kitchen essentials leaving the island to house the seating area and the sink. This leaves an incredible amount of space for various activities on the island and the designers took the idea one step further! Rather than having a traditional breakfast bar with stools, they lowered the bar area and used white leather stools of a shorter height to achieve a more comfortable seating. This bar also wraps around three sides of the island rather than just the longer side, leaving a lot of space for extra stools or to use as a banquet for parties.

9. Simple is stunning

You don't need to spend a lot of money to create a kitchen island that is both beautiful and practical. This kitchen uses a traditional island with a few pops of color to make a statement. The black and white countertops are fairly normal for a kitchen but the splash of orange is what really makes this space pop. The island structure is all black to match the counters and the cupboards are white to match the cabinets and little shelves with the same orange we see in the backsplash. This unites the main kitchen workspace to the island in a simple and beautiful way.

10. The unlikely element

Wood is rarely an element that is used in kitchens other than for cabinets. But why not reconsider this gorgeous element and use it to create a kitchen island? This unique take on the island will be a beautiful addition to those kitchens that want a warmer element rather than cold granite. The wood in this kitchen comes in different varieties and adds complexity to the space while also being distinct in their own ways. The island, in this case, is a rich chocolate brown that stands out very beautifully against the lighter wood seen in the rest of the kitchen. Welcome wood into your kitchen for a unique look!

So many different styles—which one is your favorite?

Do you want a wow piece for your kitchen? Check out these kitchen island ideas!

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