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When entrusted with outdoor spaces like patios, courtyards, etc., be it fresh construction or remodeling, architects and interior decorators rely largely on greens & pools to lend the space a refreshing feel. For any home, an exterior space is a great addition with lush vegetation & swimming pool.

Installing a pool  will enhance your home's coziness quotient and promise a welcoming ambiance for memorable weekends. Also, it could serve as a great backdrop for a barbecue or a leisurely Sunday brunch while enjoying the cool breeze & pleasing environs.

So be it entertaining, sunbathing or simply going for a swim, a home pool is a truly advantageous proposition. Today at homify, let us go through this list of 10 amazing swimming pool models that are replete with contemporary poise in their alluring design… ..

1. Simplistic modernity has an edge

The type of terrain is an important decisive factor to zero in on the shape of the pool. Though widely popular, round is not always the shape that fits the bill. In this image, the available space makes this rectangular configuration suitable. Making use of every possible inch of the ground space and putting in a lounger for lazing in the aqua comfort, the architect house has lifted this courtyard with a chic elegance rooted in simplicity.

2. Deep-seated in practicality

A pool low in dimensions makes it important for the pool depth to be nearly 16 feet at the farthest point from the pool entrance. As depicted in this photo, along with the proper depth, it is also significant to consider the appropriate design of railings & stairs leading to the base of the pool—it is a good idea to leave considerable room for a short walk once inside the pool, before entering the deeper waters. This ensures that despite its size constraint, the functionality of the pool has not been compromised in any way.

3. Tasteful environs

An aesthetically sound poolside area is an added advantage. Striking visuals to greet you every time you head towards the pool area enhances its desirability and makes it the favorite spot, whether indoors or outdoors. In this photo, elements like the soothing greens, the textured wall, and the wide oblong planter fill this pool area with a novel aura of modish charm. You could even use colored lights & stone sculptures to highlight the pool periphery.

4. Cut above the rest

Terrace based pools like this one are a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Replete with an alluring open set up comprising pressurized water sources concealed in attractive textures, green elements & cozy poolside recliners, this entire setting is a perfect stressbuster with the cool breeze cradling you to a deeply relaxing slumber post a rejuvenating swim.

5. Garage-side relief

This minimalist pool by the garage is a truly economical option for having a small yet really relaxing go-to place at home. Easy & convenient to clean, this one is a small wonder packing a neat punch of snug rejuvenation in its prim minimalism.

6. Game for some high level jazz?

The layout & design have taken the cake here, proving that ground space is not always mandatory to have an appealing pool. The smart design has created two pools by leveling up, so that it looks visually pleasing and stylish alongside steering clear of the crowded look. Flanked by creepers, textured walls & potted plants,  this one surely scores high on the stylometer!

7. Clear elegance with a glass shield

This beautiful modern pool with aesthetic green elements and glass barriers all around is full of functionality—the glass prevents any mishaps/ accidents (particularly with young children at home) and also allows clear views of the pool water. Surrounded by stone tiles, this small sized pool is visually great with an added touch of transparent grace rich in practicality.

8. Backing it up with aqua allure

A swimming pool in the backyard is a nice way to deck up the available space with an added advantage. A simple rectangular design like the one shown here looks tidy, suits the dimensions of the yard, and is also easy to clean. Conveniently located to allow for a quiet time under the stars, this option is a great one for those looking to let their hair down in an unconventional yet quiet & homely way.

9. Pool sense meets green thumb

Any swimming pool does not need much to decorate it. Clear water, proper covering, appealing chairs/ loungers and some ornamental planters are good enough to make it visually appealing. The pool shown in this photo is neat & soberly done with a well suited cover for each section of the pool, good looking poolside chairs and decorative planters. Unique & unfussy!

10. Contemporary inspiration for cozy functionality

This small modern pool surrounded by lush greens & woody warmth creates an ambiance of inviting tranquility and snug privacy for supreme relaxation. Grab your favorite novel & that piping hot cup of coffee or simply soak in the palliative vibes of this space while lounging on those comfy chairs. Hearty splash of repose, convinced?

What is your poolside story? Share with us in comments!

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