6 amazing ideas for your humble hallway

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Is your home making a good first impression?

When guests step through your front door, what's the first thing they see? A shining, on-trend hallway?Or pile of dirty shoes hastily pushed against the wall and a coat stand groaning under the weight of 30 unfashionable old jackets? Be honest—it's probably the latter.

The entrance of a home can be a tricky space to style. Limited room, an awkward shape and bad lighting all make the task of creating a beautiful hallway a bit of a nightmare. It can be tough to know where to start, which is why so many of us end up sloppily painting the walls, putting a box for shoes in the corner and leaving it at that. 

But wait! Don't give up just yet. Designing your hallway doesn't have to be a chore—check out these six terrific tips from our international experts, and be inspired…

1. Go golden with old-fashioned tiles

Old-school tiles are an absolute must in any chic hallway. Clear out the clutter, paint the walls pure white, and let the flooring do the talking. Add a couple of shelves for knick knacks, an under-stair cubby for shoes and coats, and iridescent lighting for extra sheen.

Earn bonus style points by combining burnt orange chequerboard tiles with rustic wooden stairs, as seen here.

2. Keep things simple with muted colours

Cool colours and clean lines are essential components of a chic modern hallway. Take a leaf from the Scandi book of design and use icy blue accents to lift an all-white space. Highlight the skirting board and coving in particular, and match small accessories to this shade.

Organisation-wise, too much is never enough. Hang a dual-function shelf and coat hanger over a shoe rack, and invest in a large chest of drawers—perfect for hiding away odds and ends. Finally, make sure that your storage area is covered with classy tiled flooring. This delineates the entrance and encourages guests and younger family members to remove their shoes as soon as they enter, reducing the likelihood of mud being traipsed around your home.

3. Inject a hint of opulence with chequerboard and chandeliers

OK, you caught us—this is indeed the hallway of a beautiful mansion, but this look can easily be recreated in a more humble abode. 

Choose vinyl black and white tiles for a dizzying statement floor, hang chandeliers instead of standard lightshades, and don't forget to adorn the walls with striking modern art canvases—you could even paint them yourself!

4. Make your space as productive as it can possibly be

Want to use all of that wasted space underneath the stairs? Turn it into a small but smart office space! 

This little nook is just large enough to fit a slimline desk, an office chair, and some simple shelves to hold reference books and homely trinkets. It's the ideal private space for quiet focus time, but it's place at the heart of the home means that it never feels too cut off or isolated.

5. Clash colours for an unexpected look

Step away from your comfort zone and try out a mix and match blend of new colours in your hallway. All white doesn't always mean alright—just check out this gorgeous grey and orange reception space.

Contemporary and just a little bit tribal, the vibrant shades do all the talking. All that's needed to finish this look of is an ornate chest of drawers and a statement art piece.

6. Stay on-trend with modern brick walls

Are you too hip to handle? If so, your hallway should reflect this! Go for a Brooklyn, NY loft style with exposed brick walls and typographic black artwork. Exposed bulbs are a must.

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