11 easy home upgrades that cost less than R500

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As homeowners or renters, we are always looking for ways to improve our homes, augmenting its style and adding more of our personal taste. Everyone wants a home that is a pleasure to live in and reflects something of their own personality, right? There is nothing wrong with the desire to continually improve our homes, as our needs change, just as trends in design do.

The biggest challenge with this, however, is that upgrading our home can often set us back quite a pretty penny, and not all of us have the time or patience to undertake lengthy and complicated home improvement projects. Needless to say, not everyone has the finances available to hire a talented professional either. 

Upgrading your home is all but a lost cause, however, as there are several easy and cheap ways you can give your home a boost that is sure to make a big difference. Today, we will bring you 11 tricks that does exactly that—easily upgrade your home on a budget. In fact, all of these solutions does not have to set you back more than R500 a pop. Sounds promising? Well join us to take a look at these clever ideas!

1. The luxuries of nature

There are so many beautiful decorative elements you can get for free in nature. Just take a look at the lovely driftwood centrepiece that ups the game of this room. Add a textured throw and some matching cushions, and you have a brand new bedroom!

2. Shelves

The next tip will upgrade your home both in terms of aesthetics and in functionality. Shelves can be very cheap and easy to install yourself, and it will offer more storage space as well as a spot to exhibit many a decorative item. 

4. Second-hand upgrade

If you're not too keen on the shappy-chic look as described above, you can always buy a second-hand piece, such as a chest of drawers, and revamp it in a modern colour. 

3. Other people's trash

If you pop into a second-hand store, you are sure to find many cheap pieces to suit your home and to give it a charming, rustic appeal.

5. Another turn towards nature

Once again we turn back towards nature, where we will always find the best decoration. Potted plants are super cheap and will enliven indoor and outdoor spaces alike. 

6. The trusty photo frame

Photo frames are relatively inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of styles. This remains one of the easiest ways to add new life to rooms. 

7. Or canvas prints instead

If you're bored of the traditional, opt for canvas prints to adorn your walls instead. You can choose from a variety of images to suit your home, or even print some of your personal pictures. 

8. Curtain magic

You will be surprised at the effect a simple curtain can have on a room. Here we can see that a simple sheer curtain adds layers of luxury to a bathroom. 

9. Wallpaper

Cost-effective and versatile, wallpaper is still one of the easiest ways to upgrade your house. 

10. The small things

If you shop right, you can get a few scatter cushions for under R500, and these nifty items will add new character and colour to your living room.

11. LED leads the way

Adding a strip of inexpensive LED lighting at the side of your staircase can produce this stunning effect. Little money well spent, we would say!

Now that you have your hands full with tips to easily upgrade your home on the cheap, just make sure to avoid common design mistakes that may threaten your style.

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