​4 homes built in old shipping containers (super cheap!)

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Like everything else in life, architecture continues to evolve (fortunately for us). What was considered “hot” 25 years ago may seem old now, but trust us when we say that it’s due to make a comeback any day now.

But who would have ever thought that huge shipping containers would one day double up as houses? Yet that is precisely what happened, and it seems to be quite the trend in terms of low-cost and small-scale living, especially overseas. 

Container homes are exactly what they sound like: big steel shipping containers undergoing slight maintenance in order to function as houses. Sometimes they are expanded or added onto other container to become more spacious, sometimes not. But nobody can deny the appeal that they provide, especially price-wise, as container homes are significantly more cost-effective than traditional structures.  

Let’s take a look at 4 unique examples, brought to us by home-building team BOUTIQUE MODERN LTD, from New Haven, East Sussex in England.

1. A sturdy steel structure – the outside

You’ll be forgiven for not immediately recognising the container in this image. Thanks to a little “editing”, the box shape has been glamorised to become a contemporary abode – and we think it works quite well.

Now, the home consists of a steel structure that has insulated panels to form the floor, walls and roof. Container homes are much easier and more efficient in terms of building, while also having eco-friendly properties.

2. A sturdy steel structure – the inside

Quite a cosy interior, don’t you agree? The interior of this home features a fabulous open-plan living space (and we all know how trendy those are). The décor is stylish, modern, and seems to be extremely comfortable.

Be honest: you can’t tell this interior space apart from just about any small contemporary home / flat these days, right? Strong evidence of just how glamorous container-living can be!

3. Modern living – the outside/construction

Our next example takes a look at the construction phase of container living; although this time, a few containers are being put together to make a more spacious abode for the inhabitants. 

Whether you seek container homes or something more traditional, have a look at our range of architects here on homify to help you find the house of your dreams.

4. Modern living – the inside

Wow! Surprised at the level of elegance and space? So are we, quite frankly. One would never have guessed that these interior surfaces were once big old shipping boxes, as they now look like some upscale high-rise apartment interior somewhere along the Waterfront in Cape Town. 

Kudos to the interior designers for their choice in colours and materials: off-whites and creams do a tremendous job of making the rooms seem more visually spacious, while the use of glass and wood bring in some sophistication.

5. A charming timber structure – the outside

For our next example, we only have an image of the exterior façade – yet that is more than enough to convince us about the space and charm of container homes.

Those timber panels in a honey colour that adorns the exterior surfaces from floor to roof remind us of a charismatic little mountain cabin. Black frames interrupt the light neutrals by announcing the modern windows and glass doors, both of which ensure a strong dose of natural light for the interiors. 

As if these weren’t enough, a quaint little terrace has been added to the front side, with ample space for a cosy chair or two, and even some potted plants for added effect.

6. Sublime living – the outside

Our final example also takes on a timber façade, seeing as they exude so much elegance and charm. This one, however, opted for vertical panels, which adds some visual trickery to the structure’s length to make it look slightly taller. 

To bring in daylight, as well as views of the surroundings, clear glass panes have been inserted on all sides. And don’t you just love the slightly raised side of this container home, built on stilts to ensure a supreme lookout point for the landscape?

7. Sublime living – the outside part 2

It’s not only about the interior spaces here, for a charming terrace was also added to this home, very similar to our previous example. This timber deck has been expertly placed to ensure a cosy seating spot while taking in the view – and what a magnificent view, indeed.

It seems like the “location, location, location” saying rings true for all living spaces, even the small container ones!

8. Sublime living – the outside part 3

Stepping back, we can take in the entire scene of the container house in the splendid landscape. Seen from afar, it actually looks like just another quaint little house in a cube shape – pure proof that, just like the traditional homes, container homes also give us the option of picking our locations, lifestyle, choice of design style, and many other possibilities.

Want to see more examples of container homes? Then have a look at: The Ultimate Container House.

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