12 charming powder room ideas

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Many family homes, and even some large apartments, are lucky enough to have a powder room near the entryway or living room and mainly used for when guests come to visit. This small bathroom usually consists of the essentials, a sink vanity and toilet, but that doesn't mean that it should be neglected when designing the home. The powder room is great mini version of your personal bathroom and reflects your sense of design in a compact version.

The powder room doesn't need all the luxuries of a regular bathroom to make it functional and beautiful, so you can have more freedom to let your creativity flourish! 

Below are twelve powder rooms that will inspire you to create a beautiful space that both you and your guests can enjoy.

1. Marbled elegance

Marble is a great way to achieve both the black and white look as well as a minimalist design, bringing together the best of both worlds. This look is great for people who want a really elegant look in their bathrooms without a lot of fuss. The marble allows black to be an accent color while white is really taking center stage. This bathroom displays this idea beautifully. The main wall and floors are all marble while all of the fixtures and remaining walls are white, giving it a well put together look without a lot of accessories.

2. Minimalist design

Nieuwe Wever, BO6 BO6 Modern Bathroom

If you want to go really lean, go for a minimalist design. This is a no-frills concept that makes the space feel a lot bigger while maintaining big style. This concept works great with floating fixtures, such as this toilet, that reduces the amount of clutter in the space. This goes for the sink vanity as well, which can be a simple floating shelf sink or one that is attached to the wall. This powder room has a small built-in cabinet and a shelf below, perfect to store the essentials for the space behind closed doors and to display some books for some light reading.

3. Tile all over

A simple way to add a lot of style with minimum effort to to decorate your powder room with tile. This idea is not only creative but adds dimension and texture to a very small space. Rather than adding a lot of decor and design and make the powder room feel cramped, you can cover the walls in tiles and give it a fresh and beautiful look. This bathroom uses a thatched tile design to decorate the space in all white without feeling two dimensional and also making the space feel bigger.

4. Cute and eclectic

If quirky is your style then add a few mismatched pieces to get an eclectic style in your powder room. This bathroom features a wooden sink vanity that is a bit rough around the edges but gives the space a chic, vintage vibe. The rounded and framed mirror above the sink plays along with the same style while the yellow accents on the other side of the space pop out against the white and add some color to the space. The fixtures in this space are all modern which keeps everything up to date and also makes the space feel more eccentric with a modern and Bohemian vibe mixed together.

5. Bright and colorful

If you're really bold, opt for a bright and colorful powder room to really show off your personality. This can be done in a number of ways from something as simple as a coat of paint or even some fun tile design, the possibilities are virtually endless. This small bathroom, for example, uses bright red paint on the parallel walls and a fun patterned tile where the toilet is. This powder room also features a sink basin with a fun design along the outside, featuring famous monuments around the world. This room may be small but is packed with creativity and style.

6. Sophisticated and classy

A black and white color scheme is always viewed as sophisticated and high-end, so why not incorporate it into your small bathroom? This design is so simple to recreate and can be done in a number of ways. For example, white walls with black features and photos that will stand out against the white. This powder room uses subway tiles along a small shelf to give dimension to the white part of the design. The black comes in with the black sink vanity and the picture frames lined up along the shelf. The black and white design is both easy to incorporate and very stylish in any home.

7. A statement wall

If you're going for a wow factor, then add a statement wall to your small bathroom. Once again, this can be done with tile, wallpaper, or even paint, anything that will stand out against the rest of the bathroom. This space, for example, uses a very creative patterned tile to cover an entire wall and even the ceiling. This draws the eye to this part of the room and will make the rest of the space feel much bigger. You can accent the wallpaper or tile with a solid color on the parallel walls and simple white fixtures for the bathroom.

8. A splash of color

Small spaces need a lot of thought in order to create a beautiful and cohesive space, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. If your space is really small, the best way to make it feel bigger is by following a white color palette, but that doesn't mean everything has to be white. By adding a splash of color in some form, you can add character to the space without making it feel too cramped and cluttered. This bathroom is a great example because there is a bright yellow sink vanity that stands out so beautifully against the all white background, and nothing about this room feels small.

9. Neutral palette

For a more muted design that still has a lot of style, a neutral color palette is the way to go. Beiges, browns, and creams really accent the white fixtures quite nicely and can also be found in a number of shades and textures. This bathroom uses a paneled walls in a hot chocolate color that is then accented by darker brown features in the room, such as the large painting directly across from the toilet. The rounded sink vanity and mirror offer a soft touch to this room that complement the neutral color palette while the white fixtures are a nice contrasting color.

10. Classic white

The classic white look for a bathroom is an instant way to make the space feel bigger and brighter. This look can also be applied to a powder room, where space is quite limited. The white features in the space can be accented with small details in the space. These can be in the form of towel racks, sink vanities, mirrors, or any other pieces that would accent the white in a subtle way. This bathroom uses a frameless mirror and metal rod vanity base to add a sleek look to this bathroom, all without taking away from the white elements.

11. Clean and simple

For a simple design for your powder room, why not opt for the white and hardwood theme? This bathroom is a great example of how clean and elegant the white and hardwood combination can look. The white walls and fixtures allow the space to feel slightly bigger, while the hardwood adds a warm touch to the space. This bathroom even takes the idea one step further and has a small sink that is attached to the wall to save even more space. A lovely round mirror and simple framed picture gives a touch of color and elegance to the room without making the room too clunky.

12. It's the little things

Details are what makes a space feel unique. The little things can really make a difference and this bathroom shows you just how! The built-in toilet paper holder into the sink vanity with the included towel rack not only saves on space but also looks so seamless in this space. The small flowers throughout the bathroom also brighten the space and the spotlights above really highlight key areas. Small details can go a long way!

Are you stumped when it comes to your powder room? Here are 12 ideas to inspire you!

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