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13 design mistakes you need to stop making

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If you love to decorate and want to avoid making some mistakes, then this is definitely the article for you. Decorating your house or apartment can be a daunting job and whilst some people prefer to employ interior designers and decorators, others give it a try themselves. But how do you know which design traps to avoid? 

Fortunately for you, we have a few here which we are more than happy to share. Feel free to respond to our ideas in the comments section afterwards!

Come and take a look.

1. Installing nice-looking lights that don't do much

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A light that looks pretty yet doesn't illuminate any part of a room is a waste of space and money. Ensure your lighting fixtures (whether they’re table lamps, wall sconces, or ceiling down lights) do their job!

2. Copying everything from a catalog

You don’t want your living room or bedroom to look like it's straight out of a catalog. So be sure to mix things up a little, add some of your personal style, and stick to a color scheme instead of a brand.

3. Leaving the walls blank for a minimalist look

This just looks like you forgot to hang the wall art up. Collect pieces that complement your furniture and color choices, and that you have a connection with, and hang them up to reflect your individuality. 

4. Sticking with one colour for a cohesive look

This isn’t Barbie’s Dream house where every single piece of furniture and decor has to be sickening pink (or whatever is your favorite color). Add some complementary (or contrasting) tones for a bit of interest and character. Check out this charming house! 

5. Avoiding contemporary trends

Avoiding contemporary trends will make your home age much faster! Even something as simple as a few small accessories can make a huge difference.

6. Hiding your eccentricities

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Be yourself, and let your room show your weird and quirky side by displaying some of your favorite pieces. Your opinion matters the most, seeing as you’re the one who’ll be living there.

7. Believing that statement furniture always looks good

Pudding Sofa Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs

Yes, but only if you work with a color that shows up in other areas of the room. Try to have that same color (even if it’s in slightly darker or lighter hues) balance out with accessories to create a visual flow

8. Thinking that only designer wallpaper can add style

False! Cost-friendly wallpaper, or just a splash of new paint, can also make a great impact without killing your budget.

9. Matching up every single thing

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Contrast is how you highlight details, so opt for a variety of materials and tones (not too many!) to make that room look more interesting.

10. Adding elements for a cozy feel

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There is a huge difference between ‘cozy’ and ‘cluttered’! Try to hide away some things in storage boxes and cupboards, or else that room could look (and feel) quite cramped.

11. Overdoing it with the neutrals

Actually, too many neutral colors can look dull and clinical. Add some variety with your textiles: rugs, throws, and curtains to add some funky textures to your space. 

12. Believing that windows aren't important

Natural light is very important, and if you have the opportunity to make your home even brighter then why not let the natural light flood into your home. A good dose of vitamin D never hurt anyone. 

13. Choose your storage wisely

Choosing sleek and beautiful storage will only add practicality to your space—and not cramp the size of your rooms, so make sure you choose wisely if you need a lot of storage. 

For more ways to spice up the look of your rooms, take a look at these 14 easy ways to decorate your walls!

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