6 tips for welcoming positive energy into your home

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We could all use some extra positivity and if our home decor can encourage some to come our way, we'd be foolish to not at least try it, right? We've looked long and hard at the work of interior designers that believe in the principles of decorating for positive energy flow and we think we've honed in on a few core ideas that will see your home feeling instantly uplifted and more in tune with the happier side of life. If you're keen to experience a little more positivity, then read on!

1. Keep it airy, clean and clutter-free.

A fresh, uncluttered home will always attract more positive energy into it and once it's there, allow it to freely flow from room to room. Think about it and you'll see that it makes perfect sense! In order to do this, however, you will need everyone in the house to do their bit and tidy up after themselves, so you might need a cleaning rota!

2. Add fresh colors.

Fresh, rejuvenating colors are key to attracting happy vibes and positive energy, so look to nature for your inspiration! Naturally, white will always be a cleansing tone, but greens and blues also have a propensity to be calming and positive too and we think they work especially well in communal areas that enjoy a lot of traffic, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Welcome nature inside.

You can't expect to have a positively charged home without adding in some plants and flowers! A connection to nature is vital, as it restores balance, connects us to our roots and encourages a more peaceful and organic energy to flow, all of which will naturally be extremely positive! 

4. Decorate with mirrors.

Once you've trapped some fabulously positive energy inside your house, you want to help it resonate and bounce around, so what better way to do that than by decorating with extra mirrors? As well as encouraging the positivity to be reflected, any natural light will also be amplified, leaving your home feeling utterly rejuvenated!

5. Create 'happy walls'.

Acknowledging a deep connection to things that bring you joy will always help positive energy to flow, so we think that having family pictures and photographs on the walls, in every room, really is a fantastic tip. Every time you pass one, you'll naturally feel uplifted and buoyant with love, which will spill out into the room and affect everyone and everything in it. What a joyful way to live!

6. Add spiritual motifs.

If you have spiritual beliefs, they can happily coexist with positive energy decorating and you can even combine them! Adding wall decals, art or even something more traditional, such as tapestries, will tie your spirituality and desire for a positively charged home together and weave them into a beautiful, unbreakable foundation that underpins every room. What a truly wonderful way to create a home.

For more spiritual inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 Feng Shui tricks to attract money into your home.

Are you going to try and attract a little more positivity into home? Tell us how?

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