8 photos of kitchens that are really clever with space

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Whether you've got a huge kitchen or something more on the petite side, you need to be clever with how you use the space in order to get as much from it as you can. We're not talking about compromising or going without anything either, as there are always ways and means to embrace maximum functionality alongside a whole lot of style! 

Kitchen planners make perfecting proportional layouts look like a piece of cake, so we're going to take a look at a few amazing examples to see if we can learn all the secrets.

Care to join us?

1. Long and lean

This is by no means a small kitchen but the shape of the room dictates that long and lean installations be in place, as opposed to deep furniture, which would make the whole room feel squat and full. 

A slimline island, which stretches out into an integrated dining table, is the only logical choice here.

2. Awkward to formulate

Clear walkways are of the utmost importance in a kitchen that is so awkwardly laid out as this one. Clearly a supporting wall, this concrete monolith can't be moved but it can become more useful. 

Adding slim shelves means no bulky storage is necessary anywhere else, which in turn keeps the room feeling as large and airy as possible. 

Clever stuff!

3. Tiny yet triumphant

Have you ever seen a kitchen as small as this one? We think it might be the littlest one we've come across, but just look at how well thought out it is! 

Using the height of the space as much as possible, plenty of storage has been incorporated, which allows for clear worktops and a lack of clutter. There's even a breakfast bar, thanks to the fridge doubling up as an end support.

4. Surrounded by storage

In a bid to embrace the most storage possible, a U-shaped fitted kitchen has been designed and installed here and, thanks to wonderfully bright light, the collection of cupboards doesn't feel too claustrophobic. 

Breaking up the vast door fronts with patterned tiles is an ingenious move, as is the partially wooden ceiling that looks beautiful and a whole lot more interesting than a plain white one.

5. Suitably square

With the exception of the stools, everything is square and angular, making the kitchen look perfectly tessellated and proportional. 

A smaller than usual island forming the central focal point is brilliant as everything else seems to simply radiate around, whilst the chic white and brushed metal colour scheme adds modern cutting edge.

6. Galley style gorgeousness

With a single wall freed up to act as a kitchen location, this sleek modern installation is a perfect galley choice! 

The gloss white cabinets look fantastic, effortlessly reflecting light at every turn and, despite there not being much counter space, everything looks to have been accounted for. 

An integrated ceramic hob also negates the need for a bulky cooker.

7. Build up, not out

With a semi open-plan interior, it makes sense to try and keep the kitchen as free of extraneous cupboards as possible, which is why this hanging rack is so clever. 

All the light is free to circulate and while a U-shaped space has been created by the worktop, it's not a solid barrier as any cook can still see out into the main living area. 

What a way to make a small kitchen bigger without compromising the wider design aesthetic!

8. Corner cutie

It's another super small kitchen! With only a couple of square metres to use, every inch counted here, leading to an ultra compact and streamlined set-up that focused on what was needed and nothing else.

The breakfast bar helps to cordon off the area and offers useful storage potential, while a simple oven and large fridge deal with all the food issues. Fantastic!

For more small kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 40 Really Easy Ways Your Small Kitchen Could Be Better.

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