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If you're a total gadget-head, then this is the article for you! Today, we're taking a look at all those innovative, funky and inspired accessories that your kitchen needs, even if you don't realize it needs them yet! Once you see all these brilliant products, you'll wonder how you've lived so long without them, so prepare for some serious accessories envy, plus, some inspiration for your Christmas list!

1. Top of the range knife block.

If your knives live in a drawer, you need one of these blocks! The perfect way to prevent your blades from corroding or becoming blunt, a proper knife block protects the metal and looks good too! 

2. A proper coffee machine.

If you can't live without a caffeine injection every morning, this is going to be at the top of your wish list! A barista-style coffee machine will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen arsenal!

3. Technology stands.

Gone are the days when we'd all slave over a recipe book in a bid to perfect a new meal, as now, we are all looking at smartphones and tablets! Get a built-in tech stand and you'll never have to worry about smashed screens or your greasy kitchen fingers on it! Kitchen planners can point you in the right direction for these!

4. Funky snack trays.

If your kitchen is your pride and joy, we're willing to be that you love entertaining, so how about indulging yourself with some cute snack displays? These wheeled versions are adorable and really add something to your food displays!

5. Toothpick holders.

Woah! This almost looks like a torture device from the future, but it really is just a toothpick holder! We think this is a kitchen must-have, especially for keen cooks that like to taste the food as they go!

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6. An integrated grater.

Food graters are usually a little cumbersome and annoying to use, with shavings flying off everywhere, but that's not a problem with an integrated worktop grater! This is so genius, we don't know how we've lived without one!

7. Handy bread slicer.

If you buy unsliced bread or bake your own, you might know the torture of not being able to cut nice pieces of bread that will actually fit in the toaster! That would never be a problem again, if you get a bread slicer and just think of all the others things you could slice with it too!

8. Hidden drawers.

Stealth drawers are a modern trend in kitchens and really add a wealth of extra storage, where you need it most. We love the shallow versions that make for perfect cutlery trays, as seen here! Talk about organized!

9. Integrated chopping board.

The chunky cutting board here has been slotted into position, for easy, sturdy support whilst chopping, but for ease of cleaning, it can also be lifted out and cleaned like a regular board. It's the perfect combination of function and style!

10. Saucepan rails.

Saucepans take up a huge amount of room inside your cupboards, so why not think about getting them out, installing a metal rail to hang them from and enjoying all the extra space? If you have pretty pans, this will be a great way to make your kitchen look even more amazing!

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11. Herb garden lighting.

If you are trying to grow some of your own herbs, an LED light source could come in really handy. This might look super tech, but potted herbs can die pretty easily, unless you really nurture them and this gizmo takes all the hard work away!

12. Recycling bins.

You create a myriad of different forms of waste in a kitchen, from food to recyclable, so it makes sense to set up a waste collection area that is designed to make sorting quick and easy. These bins are even super cute and tessellate perfectly to take up as little room as possible.

13. Fancy wine racks.

If you enjoy a tipple on an evening, a gorgeous wine rack should be on your kitchen wish list! These roller versions are extra fabulous, as your collection can go with you anywhere, even to the dining table! Imagine guests' faces when you ask them to choose something!

14. Hidden larder.

We always really love these hidden larder cupboards that open up to reveal a wealth of storage and an ultra organized scheme. The spice rack door inserts are what we always really covet, so if you are a savant of spice, perhaps you need one of these too!

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Which of these suggestions do you NEED in your kitchen now? Tell us! 

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