Things to consider when renovating a home

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Home renovation is something we all have to undertake, to a certain degree, but when you are faced with a total property overhaul, you need to stop, take some time to prioritize and get some advice! That's what we are here to offer you today, as we've looked at in-depth projects, completed by interior designers, in a bid to see exactly what they consider to be the main issues that you need to look out for! If you are about to tackle a big home restoration, be sure to add these issues to your list, as preparation is key!

1. Think about flooring styles.

You might have your heart set on polished floorboards, but if the structure of your house doesn't support that dream, you'll need other ideas too. Starting at the bottom and designing a scheme on the way up really can be a good plan, so always give your flooring adequate consideration!

2. Inspect the heating system and accessories.

An old boiler doesn't always need to be ripped straight out, as it might have been serviced regularly and still do the job with no issues and the same goes for radiators too! If you don't like the aesthetics, that's a whole other issue, but while you work on the house, working heating will be quite a luxury and you can swap out boilers and radiators later, when you know how much money you have left over.

3. The kitchen should be a focus.

Your kitchen is always going to be a focal point, so even if you have to scale back in other areas, get exactly what you want in terms of appliances, cabinets and worktops. A kitchen can be one of the most expensive purchases you'll ever make, but it is absolutely worth it and should last a lifetime, if you choose a timeless style.

4. Get your lighting on point.

How you light a home can make the difference between a warm and welcoming space and a dark, depressing property. Communal areas always need 'happy' lighting, transitional spaces, such as hallways, call for bright illumination and private rooms will appreciate romantic vibes. 

5. Build a brilliant bathroom.

Everyone uses the bathroom, so you know it's a space that will get a lot of traffic and with that in mind, you need to step back and formulate a plan to create a really functional and logical layout. Don't be put off if you have a small space to contend with, as small can be shockingly beautiful too!

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6. Consider different wall finishes.

Smooth walls might be the norm, but does your property support that? If you have a rustic or even industrial space, you might need to think a little outside  the box and with texture firmly in mind. A huge part of every room, what wall finish you settle on will essentially create the vibe of the whole space, so don't be afraid to experiment.

7. Choose fabulous furniture.

Last, but certainly not least, you will be thinking about the furniture that you're going to add in to your new home and, hopefully, this will be, in part, dictated by all your other decisions! The flooring, lighting and wall finishes should all naturally steer you towards items that will work and look harmonious, or if you have statement furniture already, you might find that things work the other way round!

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Do you have any extra tips for tackling a home renovation? Tell us! 

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