8 breakfast bars you'll love to copy!

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Your kitchen can be as glamorous and well thought out as you like, but if you don't have a breakfast bar, you are seriously missing a trick! Adding extra functionality, style and offering a clever dining solution, there's a reason why kitchen planners are inundated with requests to include a breakfast bar in new spaces! If you've vaguely considered one before, are desperate for one or even if you've never really thought about adding one to your kitchen, read on, as we think this selection of amazing examples will really seal the deal!

1. Small and self-contained.

Making the most of a little free section of floor space, this small but effective breakfast bar effectively makes the kitchen U-shaped and offers a lovely open feel. The rustic stools keep things feeling homely too!

2. Room for everyone!

When you create a bar specifically for the purpose of getting everyone lined up to eat and drink, you can go all out, like this example! We love that this spot has day-to-night appeal, as you could just as easily enjoy your breakfast here, as a cocktail after work!

3. Sleek and stealthy.

Remove the retro stools from this bar and you'd never know it had been designed for that purpose, as it simply looks like a section of kitchen counter space, which is genius! There when you need it and hidden when you don't, this breakfast bar would be perfect anywhere.

4. Special effects.

Will a light up, marble-effect breakfast bar be for everyone? No, but you can't deny that it has presence and really makes a big impression! This is another example that would work well for parties, as well as simply feeding the family!

5. Small but mighty.

This example shows you that even if you have a tiny kitchen, you can have a gorgeous breakfast bar! Simply tacked onto the back of the kitchen counters, this slimline bar offers dining ease as well as slender style!

6. Add a little color!

Part of a fabulous outside grilling station, this bar would be a great location for enjoying some al fresco dining, but what we really love is the way a little color totally transforms the vibe here! Who knew that adding some vibrant stools could make such a difference?

7. Any style works!

If you're thinking that you have a very defined style in your kitchen which will prevent a breakfast bar from really working, think again! You can create them in any image and they always look great! This Mediterranean inspired example should prove that to you!

8. Timeless elegance.

Whether you're creating a breakfast bar to simply eat at, or one that can adapt to evening socialization too, always think about the extra touches that will keep your installation chic. The chairs really are an important element and we think that these leather stools are a fabulous touch, especially with under-bar lighting that will show them off to perfection!

For a little more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Kitchen themes to inspire you.

Are you definitely going to take the plunge with a breakfast bar now?

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