10 natural wooden homes—cozy and chic

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The appeal of wooden homes is timeless, owing to the rustic charm, countryside elegance, eco-friendliness, and cozy warmth they exude. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you want depending on your needs and desires. Pair wood with glass or stone to make a unique style statement with your residence even. Moreover, wooden homes are less expensive to build than standard concrete houses, and they provide natural insulation as well. 

And to inspire you with brilliant design ideas, we present here 10 stunning wooden homes which are not just visually enticing but are also a joy to live in.

1. Classic chalet

This classic chalet has a short A-line structure which covers the wooden walls. The natural grain of the wood has been left untouched for a raw yet neat appeal.

2. Lincoln logs in this lodge

This wooden lodge could well be a ski resort. Its lofty Lincoln logs hold the roof aloft even during dense snowfall, while a wide porch shows off huge pillars.

3. Dual-tone beauty

White and brown make a becoming combination for the facade of this wooden home designed by the general contractors at Smart Wood. The logs have been stacked horizontally for a log cabin effect while white frames stand out as a fitting contrast.

4. Modern home on stilts

Borrowed from oriental village homes that are perched on stilts, this home has a more modern outlook with its neat niche on top formed by the classic slanting roof. The pillars below and the wooden facade offer a fusion look of sorts.

5. Romantic old school beauty

This stately home has a romantic beauty where the sunset kisses the wood and colors it orange. The porch stands out in front while the rest of the home recedes behind with its terracotta hued rooftop.

6. Uber chic

This loft-like modern home looks like a prefabricated structure with its dual-toned wooden exterior offering a well defined look. Massive sheets of glass make the design come alive as a simple railing runs along its front portion.

7. Straight from a fairytale

This wooden villa has a robust look with whimsical and aligned rooftops which slant on each side of the home. The gray, brown and white combination makes for a stylish statement indeed.

8. Linear cottage

The linear cottage look seems to be in demand nowadays. The designers have played with various settings of wood for an eclectic feel—from stacked to rounded and even neat stumps in the backyard!

9. Hidden delights

This home is partly hidden behind the verdant greenery that surrounds it. The design is as exotic as the trees that stand on this property. Set on a stone platform, this wooden home quickly embraces a modern style with its glass railings and artistic modern rooftop.

10. Minimalist luxury

The cozy and minimalist luxury of this home comes through with the solid wooden structure which frames the glass walls and creates a golden glow from within.

The advantages of a wooden home

A wooden home offers a number of advantages. From being well-insulated to creating a solid statement and giving you versatile styling options, this is an all weather, all season home that will hold good with its timeless appeal.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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