Before & After: A Dramatic Makeover with Low-Cost Home Staging

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Want to decorate your old home before putting it up for sale or perhaps just keen to freshen up its look for yourself? Big house or small, home staging is the way to go! When it comes to getting an updated decor for your home, it’s ideal to leave the job in the hands of an expert team! Home staging company Boite Maison was founded by two enterprising ladies and the firm is an excellent example of why professional work is desirable. These home stagers undertook a project in Varese, Italy, and, with their expertise, dramatically transformed this house through the intelligent and creative use of just a few elements. Yes, even low-cost home staging can yield remarkable results! Let’s have a look!

Before: Dark And Gloomy Entry Lobby

What a colorless, featureless, gloomy space! The foundation and fittings look sturdy enough but there is nothing to brighten up the house and make it a cheerful home. The lack of sufficient light as well as the absence of any defining element that might reflect the owner’s personality makes the entry lobby look cold and unwelcoming.

After: Bright And Cheerful

The first step taken by the team at Boite Maison was to complement the insufficient natural light with artificial light – and look what a difference it has made! The colorful wall art and the red accents placed at strategic locations in the lobby add a much-needed splash of color that makes the lobby a warm, vibrant and welcoming space!

Before: Uninviting Living Room

The living room shows promise with its lovely wooden parquet that is teamed with white walls and a generous number of windows, but its dark and bare appearance makes it quite unappealing.

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After: Cozy Living Room

This is a fine example of how a few elements can make all the difference. With the creative addition of some simple furniture that adds a dash of color and style, a prospective buyer will be able to visualize how the living space can be utilized, which would incline him towards a quick purchase!

Before: Dirty Bathroom

The bathroom is dirty and the grimy look of the bathtub would repel anyone who comes to explore the house! What a dismal scene! 

After: Spic ‘N’ Span Bathroom

The home stagers have given the bathroom a thorough scrubbing! Add a chair, a towel, a couple of candles to the freshly gleaming white bathroom and you’re good to go! 

As we can see, home staging does not necessarily require a big budget. The team at Boite Maison has ably demonstrated that a low-cost and minimal but ingenious use of suitable elements can completely transform the look of an old house! Check out another makeover story here - A small home gets a Scandinavian makeover.

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