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There is a tendency to believe that for functional spaces like bathrooms, utility rooms & kitchens, the associated ware & fittings are sufficient and these rooms can do without a proper interior design which beautifies it. We at homify uphold that form follows function and therefore, we believe that such functional spaces shouldn't be pushed to the side when it comes to decor & interior design. That is why interior designers pay special attention to these spaces, while beautifying the interiors.

Bedecking a space does not merely mean accessorizing it. A suitable color also speaks volumes about the space. A befitting shade can jazz up your kitchen with a really appealing vibe, be it by way of wall color, tiles, furniture, or colored appliances.  

Today we are going to offer you 20 ideas for color inspiration that will spoil you for choices to doll up your kitchen with. Sounds fun? Let’s go!

1. Maximized Warmth in Minimalism

This contemporary yet minimalist kitchen bears the natural flavor of wood alongside the neutral finesse of grayish tones. The tiled gloss of walls and the patterned floor complement the woody freshness. Look at cabinet door panels! 

2. Welcoming Blues

Rustic tones of this well equipped kitchen shine in soothing blue & slate gray. Stainless steel appliances, white pendant lights, subtle wall decor and the home style essence together enhance the chic quotient of this warm kitchen space.

3. Classic Touch of Elegance

Practically graceful classic accents with a tranquil note of white, gray soberness and lots of charm lighten up the lovely interior of this kitchen.

4. Prim in Pastels

Pastel shades brighten up the well lit kitchen bearing a fresh hint of greens alongside its modular character.

5. In Black and White

Monochromatic scheme adorning this industrial kitchen is high on refreshing modernity & neatness. The attractive lighting and ample storage add to the unique allure.

6. Current Hues of Generosity

In this open plan living room with a lavish employment of wood, the kitchen in brown & stainless steel accents dazzles with a modern feel.

7. Bold and Beautiful

The solid brick- red tonality lends a bold definition to this colonial kitchen and makes it shine with singular flair. Wood and white elements add oodles of charm & mellowness, coupled with Mediterranean-style tiles. Doesn’t this kitchen look straight out of a home & lifestyle magazine?

8. Soothing Hues of Magnificence

Sage green paired with the evergreen wonder of white, a touch of black sophistication & a whiff of woody warmth and Voila!—You have THE kitchen that will surely give the Hamptons a run for their money.

9. Game for Some Macho?

Looking for a kitchen rife with modernity & masculine vibe?  Go for dark colors paired with the metallic luster of stainless steel. With a hint of some yellow boldness and transparent furniture, this industrial kitchen boasts of abundant natural light balancing the dark color scheme beautifully.

10. Open to Mediterranean Modishness

If you have a kitchen ringing with modern simplicity and are looking to pimp it up, textures & patterns are your best bet. These Mediterranean style patterned floor tiles along with the raw essence of the stone wall add dollops of jazzy chutzpah to this splendid open kitchen in wood & white.

11. Colors of Scandinavia

Just look at that! Solid pastels reflect the typical Scandinavian touch in their soft, light, youthful, neutral and minimalist character. The visually brilliant interior of this kitchen is pleasingly bright and open, with every element singing tones of refreshing charm.

12. Melancholic? No Way!

This classic kitchen sitting pretty in different tones of perfect blues is unconventionally brilliant. Originally an Edwardian family home, the traditional flavors have been preserved with a novel presentation. Plenty of natural light makes the dark blue of the kitchen island shine. This graceful shade contrasts greatly with the paler tones on cupboards, wall tiles & the soft hued floor panels.

13. Pristine Opulence

Black and White- the synonym of ultimate style! The sparkling functionality of this ideally organized kitchen awes with its sleek minimalism.

14. Snug Colors of Rustic Style

Ah the comfy & cozy feel of this homely kitchen laden with lavishness of wood and charm of copper!

15. How About a Perky Pop?

Take a look at this eclectic kitchen in black & white, with a candyfloss pop of pink and vintage style panache in appliances. Who said only wall colors can pep up a space?

16. Now for some Photo Electric Effect!

The electric blue color adds a new dimension altogether, into this modern spectacle. The tiles, cabinets, brick wall and lighting- all ensure oodles of glamour; the green relief in the upper rack along with the decor pieces bring in the soothing touch.

17. An Appealing Mix

As in this image, two or more patterns can be mixed to get visually pleasing results. The sober touch of wood with the beamed ceiling and kitchen furniture adds a fresh novelty.

18. Palliative Dazzle

The glossy suggestions of light green and granite do the trick for this modern kitchen loaded with elegance.

19. Golden Glow

This perfect, open design golden yellow kitchen created from used scaffolding planks glitters with gloss lacquered surfaces. Along with rustic accents of wood, the gleaming tones make a sassy statement.

20 Hues of Class

White is truly versatile; anything teamed up with it shines in a lively & vibrant style. In this photo, we can see a really classy kitchen in glossy white with dark graphite gray, a cheerful splash of canary yellow and a whisper of blue. Giving off hearty vibes of contemporary style, this high-end kitchen is strikingly luxuriant.

Now you can well appreciate how a humble color can jazz up your kitchen and enhance its elegance quotient, isn't it?

Share with us how colors transformed your kitchen space!

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