15 Pools For Small Yards

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You may only have a tiny amount of space at the back of your house, but it doesn't mean you can't build your dream pool. If you've been thinking about building your own little oasis on your property for some time, but had resigned to the fact that you don't have enough room, then read on and let us change your mind. We have found 15 different homes that have managed to fit a pool into a small space and now have their own slice of paradise to enjoy.

While you probably won't be able to build a long lap pool, you can still have a luxurious wet area with enough space to take a dip in or to soak yourself in after a long day at work. Let's take a look at how these home owners made their pools possible. 

1. Embrace Unusual Shapes

Instead of having a patio area with tiling and a garden, this backyard was carved up, and had an unusual shaped pool installed instead. You don't have to fight the shape of your backyard, just use it to define the size and shape of your pool and make it fit.  

2. Go Deep, Not Wide

This is another corner pool that has found enough room for itself to fit snugly into this tropical backyard. Even if you end up building something that's not much bigger than a plunge pool, you will be grateful for it on a hot summer's day. 

3. Function First

Perfectly fitting in with the severe lines and modern design of the house, this pool is long, thin and stark. Not much wider than a couple of meters, a mini lap pool like this can fit into most places. Keep your pool simple and there will be enough space for it. 

Here is another great ideabook on pools: 7 Incredible Pools that Will Leave You Breathless

4. Make Room In The Garden

When you decide to build a pool, you may have to sacrifice garden space. But like this backyard that's not a problem. Laying down concrete tiles, and using stones around trees compensates the lack of lawn. 

5. Save Space For A Border

Practically speaking, a pool only needs enough space for a walkable border around the edge. So if you have a long and narrow backyard, then that could actually be the perfect proportions. Dedicate the whole space for a pool and your oasis will be a cozy one nestled between fences or walls.  

6. Slim Fit

Your available space may not seem like a lot if it is overgrown with weeds and trees. But as soon as you clear it out and level the ground off, it will be easy to see just how much space there is. This lap pool fits perfectly in between the concrete pillar and the boundary fence. Slim and snugly fit. 

7. Raise It Up A Level

There is also the option to raise the ground up and have a swimming pool that functions more like a spa pool—one that you have to step up and into it, instead of down. You can get more space by building up and adding walls around it. 

If you love the idea of a raised pool, but want to know more information, then check out this list. Best of all, every pool is budget friendly!  

8. Double Indulgence

If you have a bit more space, then why not think about adding a spa pool? As you can see in this backyard, it is an added extra part on the side, that still doesn't take up much room. We would say it's worth the trouble for that little bit of extra indulgence. Pure heaven! 

9. Sophisticated Spa Pool

This stylish and sophisticated pool may not technically be a swimming pool, but a spa is good enough for us! Built into stunning grey ceramic tiling, with a white slide back cover, this is a delightful little place to dip into. Add grey cushions to perch on next to the pool and we have found heaven. 

10. Set In Stone And Wood

Another idea is to build a swimming pool into a wooden terrace like this rustic home. Designed by architects ENGEL & VÖLKERS BODRUM, it has been imagined to fit with it's natural surroundings. Try to match the style of your pool to the environment and you won't go wrong. 

11. Not Much More Than A Hole In The Ground

This home by KLAUS GEYER ELEKTROTECHNIK really shows that you don't need much more than a few meters to have a glorious swimming pool. Build a terrace around it and you have the perfect place to sunbathe in summer.  

12. Small But Stylish

What an absolute stunner this rooftop pool is! Sealed with a beautiful mosaic and surrounded by dark wooden paneling, you don't need much to create a masterpiece. What a small pool lacks in size, you can make up for in style. 

13. Remember To Accessorize

When you are building your dream pool, don't forget about accessories—because it's the amazing sun umbrella here that tops off this look. Matching furniture with the terrace is another great idea and will create a cozy little environment. 

14. Pool With A View

It's not hard to create something amazing here when you have a view like that. Edged in pale concrete, and surrounded by pot plants, this is a stunning area. Most importantly, the view isn't blocked with a solid wall or hedge—a thin wire fence has been put up instead, making sure swimmer are still safe.  

15. A Private Pool To Enjoy

This little area to the side of this house could almost be overlooked, it's so small. But not too small that it can't host a glorious spa pool. The lights installed around the edges are an added bonus making this one special place to enjoy day or night. Absolute heaven!

Who wouldn't be in love with these mini pools? Tell us your favourite one below! 

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