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We are happy to bring you an interior design project today that is sure to fill you with inspiration for a highly sophisticated and elegant home. It is fantastic to see that there are professionals who go to great lengths to ensure that a house is furnished and decorated with immense taste.

The professionals for the project we have for you today managed to do exactly that. Mel McDaniel Design is a company based in Philadelphia, and renowned for their exceptional interior projects. The Haverford House is an example of how optimal sophistication can be achieved while keeping in line with a modern style and contemporary trends. We are sure that you will be just as impressed as us with the tasteful use of colors and materials. Let's explore and you can decide for yourself. 

A bright welcoming

Welcome to the Haverford House, an abode full of style and elegance. We enter the home through the front entrance, as is most appropriate, and find ourselves in a delicately beautiful foyer with a stunning winder staircase leading up to the first floor. Winder staircases are certainly at the top of the list when you're looking for grand beauty on budget, and we can see the air of sophistication this one brings to the home.

Alongside the staircase and leading up parallel to it in a progressive fashion, we can see three artworks of equal size gracing the wall. At first it looks like these abstracts are similar, but upon closer inspection, we can see that all three actually form part of the same whole. The deep blue and ambient transition of color sets the tone for a strong atmosphere which we will see present in all the home. 

Oceans of patterns

Now we move on to the living room, or main lounge area of the house. This large space immediately calms any temperament once it is encountered. Doesn't it just make you feel tranquil and serene? This effect is achieved by the use of cool colors and sweeping patters used in ample measure in this room. 

The bright yet, controlled colors of the rug in this room evokes waves of serenity and deep emotion that resonates throughout the space. On top of this we can see furniture in shades of grey and purple in rich textiles to produce a highly luxurious space. 

Bespoke details

Here we want to zoom in on a few details of the room, which captures the bespoke character of the space. In this image, we can see the traditional wall molding that gives the room a look of regality, as in the mansions of old. 

On the wall we can see a print in silver and gold on a black background. These elegant birds add a charming touch to the home by way of decoration, and are complemented with a neat bowl of unassuming plants. 

Dining room

On to the stylish dining room of the house. This space is a winner in grays and silver, a subtle composition that makes for an extraordinarily sophisticated room. Although the features of the room are rich and luxurious, the furniture and decorative items are simple and minimalist. This focus on a few high-quality items is what gives the room it's stylish character. 

A fireplace fit for a palace

We finish our tour of this rich interior with another detailed look at some of the finer elements. Here we have the fireplace of the dining room, which we could see just at the corner of the previous image.   

We can see a marble base with white stone molding. This royal composition adds immensely to the sophisticated atmosphere. The decorations that accompany this feature are tasteful and just enough to bring about the desired effect. 

Well, we are sure you can agree that the designers did everything right in this project, but if you're designing your own home, make sure to avoid commons mistakes.

Let us know what you thought of this project in the comments. 

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