12 Tricks To Make A Small Home Look Spacious

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If you have a small home there are a number of different things that you can do to make it look bigger than it looks. A good trick to keep in mind is that an organised and tidy room always looks bigger. So remember to go through your things regularly and throw unused objects away or better yet, give them to charity shops. You want a easy, decluttered space to start with, then you can apply some of our tips we've collected here to create the illusion of space. 

With a little bit of smoke and mirrors (well mostly mirrors), you can create your own magic at home and make any small space appear much larger than it is. Let's take a look at these 12 tips on how to do it. 

1. Try To Stretch The Proportions

The proportions of a long and narrow toilet room like this one can also be played with. A complex mosaic on the back wall contrasted with a dark floor visually push the walls out, and a long mirror that runs the length of the room doubles the effect. 

2. Create Dramatic Contrasts

Like in this kitchen if you have dark cupboards, then create extra dimension and space by adding a contrasting rear wall. Tie the colors together with the bench and your cramped kitchen space will look dramatic and spacious with a rear wall that seems far far away. 

3. Use Vibrant Colors

By concentrating on different areas and using bright furnishings, like this deep green carpet and baby blue chair, you can trick the eye. Dark colors push spaces away, and light colors seem closer. So use dark objects on walls and floors and you will have the desired effect.

4. Elevate Seating Areas

In a small kitchen like this one, instead of having a bulky traditional dining table with large chairs around it, think slim, and think high. Install a breakfast bar instead, and use sleek stools that can be stored away underneath to save on space. 

For more tips on how to expand a small kitchen, take a look at these 5 fashionable ones.

5. Use Mirrors As Walls And Doors

Sliding mirror doors are a great wall to double the size of a bedroom and to conceal a bulky wardrobe. Make them floor to ceiling mirrors and you won't believe how big your room looks!

6. Go For Bulky Furniture

You don't always have to use small furniture in a small room. If it's a bedroom, then you really only need space for a bed, and it can be as big as you want. Just keep the style simple, clean and streamlined to not overload the room. And save even more space by using shelving instead of using bedside tables.

7. Condense Spaces

This idea is extremely important for studio apartments when you have to use one room for multiple activities. This elevated bed in the corner with storage underneath is a great idea for such rooms, as is the slim breakfast bar and small desk. Use simple furniture in neutral colors that can be multi-purpose to keep the room feeling big.

8. Use A Variety Of Surfaces

Another great tip is to use different surfaces and patterns, but to keep it all in the same color. The combination of the white wall tiles, white painted ceiling, the white marble floor and wash basin all make this minimalist bathroom seem endless. Once again, mirrors and reflective surfaces bounce the light around the room, tricking the eye into thinking it's much larger than it is. 

9. Install Great Flooring

Having beautiful, high quality floor boards or laminate draws the attention down, away from the general size of the room. And having flooring made from darker wood or in dark colors, pushes the space even further away. Keep the rest of the room white and you will instantly create a larger room. 

10. Use Furniture To Create Different Areas

The breakfast bar installed in the middle of the room doesn't make it smaller, instead it creates more interesting dimensions. Positioning furniture like this breaks up a room, and uses the space more effectively than just placing the pieces around the edges of a room. Get creative with your furniture placing!

You can always consult an interior designer if you want to get the best from your room, but are unsure of how to do it. 

11. Combine Different Seating Options

If you do want a dining table, but are worried about taking up too much space, then try combining a bench seat on one side and stools on the other. It's a more versatile set up and lets you decide which side to use, when. Also look for a table that is expandable or collapsible for even more space. 

12. Hang Eye Catching Shelving

Shelving is a great space saver, but it also can draw the attention to the walls and not the limited floor space. Try something like these convertible shelves to give yourself more options. Furniture that is movable, convertible or fold-able are the best choices for small spaces. You don't want to be locked into one way of having the room.  

Do you have your own insider tip for making a space bigger than it is? Tell us about it below

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