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How 3D rendering makes planning the perfect garden easy!

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If you are thinking about embarking on a garden project, you might like to know how 3D garden rendering can benefit you and why it makes hiring a landscape architect such a good idea! You might  have an idea in your head and think that you can adequately picture how your outdoor space will look, but you can't be expected to get proportions right, or properly visualize how it will appear from inside your home and that's where 3D rendering comes in! It can give you any view from any angle!

Take a look at these pictures and reasons to try 3D rendering and then tell us you don't want to employ a little computer wizardry to help you with your garden project!

1. You can see everything as it will look.

Down to even the smallest flower beds, 3D garden rendering will show you how your space will look in ANY season, helping you to make better judgments as to flower and plant positioning. You don't want to have a bountiful display in summer and then have a barren space in winter, do you?

2. You can plan sociable spots.

So many of us make the mistake of thinking that simply adding some chairs will be enough to make a garden more enjoyable, but for a real impact, you need a dedicated social area. 3D rendering can help you to see where it will look best and even what type of furniture you should buy!

3. It will show you how your entrance will look.

Your home can't ever make a first impression on you again, but with 3D garden rendering, you can get an idea what guests and visitors will see when they first arrive! What a fantastic way to make the best plant selections and really opt for colors that work with your facade, without any risk!

Here is an ideabook for you: 5 Ideas for you to create your own vegetable garden

4. You can see into the future.

If you fancy planting some trees but feel a little wary as you won't know how they will look as they grow, 3D rendering takes all the guesswork away! You can look into the future and see how, when trees reach their maximum height, they will work with your home. It's a crystal ball without any of the hocus-pocus!

5. Get a feel for the view out.

So many people forget that how a garden looks from inside the house is as important as the feel when you are in it. A permanent vista from every room in your home, you need to know that what you are creating will look beautiful and sit perfectly with your aesthetic preferences. 3D rendering gives you the power to see your proposed garden before you even plant it, so you can tweak before you commit!

6. Make sure it works, as a whole.

Individual nuances might look good in garden plans, but how can you tell if everything will work well together? With a 3D rendering of course! just look at this amazing picture and what it offers the client! They can see that the scheme works wonderfully, complements the house and will need no after-planting upheaval. Talk about peace of mind!

If you are in the market for even more garden inspiration,take a look at this Ideabook: How to plan your perfect garden.

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