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​A Seriously Chic Villa

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Today on homify 360° we set foot in Italy. Coming to us from Italian-based De Vivo Home Design is a remarkable villa that encompasses a striking blend between classical and rustic style with some light modern touches to pleasing effect. 

Exuding both a homey vibe, as well as a passion for good and elegant taste, the Apulia Villa is the perfect home for the busy family, as well as the ideal getaway spot.

Radiating a soft, cool aura that just makes you want to walk around barefoot, the Apulia Villa is sure to relax anybody who lays eyes on her delightful aesthetics.

Limestone fence

Pale limestone walls are our first encounter on the outside, with an off-white modern steel gate to complete the serene exterior. Traces of yellow/light brown colouring can be glimpsed in the stone fence, as well as the flooring, completing the sleek finishings. 

A slight glimpse of the villa on the other side of the fence can be seen from here, and it looks to be in the same soft tones as what the exterior conveys – or could it be just a facade to lure us inside? There is only one way to find out…

Clean finishings

The same cool and collected hues await us past the stone fence. The sun beams down on the light stone flooring, implementing an almost glowing effect to the exterior.

The shutters framing the windows nicely break the modern exterior finishings, and add a homey, welcoming vibe to the house. But not all is off-white and pale here – splashes of greenery and bright colours break through the serene style, giving us a soft floral touch. 

To bring that classical European vibe (Italian, to be precise) home, we find a fantastic wine vat in the one corner for decoration.

Cool blue

From the hot sun outside, we retreat to the cool interiors. The sandy wooden floors of the bathroom offsets agreeably against the serene light blue panelling, enhancing the silver metal decor touches even more.  

Although this bathroom is small, the effects of the decor help to make it seem bigger – for example, hiding the cistern to free up more space, using a tall mirror, as well as adding light colours.

Privacy is gained through a small window, slightly closed by soft white linen, just enough for a dash of natural light to creep in.

Light and white

From the light aquatic bathroom we venture to a fresh and fair bedroom. The rustic feel is emphasised by the wooden beams protruding from the ceiling – not excessively, just enough to add a light touch to the otherwise clean backdrop.

The wood panelling on the walls, a glowing white chandelier, the sandy wooden floor – all splendid elements of the rustic style. It makes the small modern touch of wall decor, winking at us from above the bed, stand out even more.  

The white chest of drawers, with enough space for ideal storing capacity, offsets classically against the black television screen on top of it. 

Every clean, light element in this room emphasises the same fact: this is a quiet space, ideal for resting.

Playful character

From quiet and light, we move on to a more playful palette, ideal for a young girl’s room. No wooden panelling against the walls – could this be an effect to allow more colour on the walls?

The bed set comes complete with accompanying set of built-in drawers: perfect for storing a young girl’s secrets. All bedroom furniture, including the simple yet classical armoire, serve as ideal for either a busy youngster, or a more mature teenager, and can be comfortably retained as the child reaches maturity (with minimum decor amendments necessary). 

Here we also find the slightly protruding ceiling beams, lightly mirroring the extending lines of the wooden flooring.

Combination of styles

In the living room, we find soft, inviting couches in a classical style. Combined with the modern rug, this mixture perfectly defines the space, outlining it from the rest of the room. 

A rustic chandelier proudly towers over the decor, perfectly blending in and standing out from the rest of the serene and calm hues. Although we have three different styles in one space (rustic, modern, and classical), it does not feel eclectic at all – instead, each adds its own special vibe to the room, linked together by a soft, inviting palette. 

See how this room matches other examples of the comfortably rustic living room.

Charming chef

The mixing and matching of styles continues into the kitchen, which exudes a friendly charming vibe to any visitor. The rustic dining room set is certainly the ideal choice for this space, and is sure to be a successful backdrop in any social event to be had here.  

The sandy coloured floors add that cool effect that is synonymous with tiled floors, and balances quite perfectly with the tongue and groove shaker doors of the kitchen. Integrated appliances and a modern air extractor complete the contemporary touches to the charming little kitchen.

And let’s not forget about that kitchen island, nicely separating the dining from the cooking area – the perfect location for setting down a multitude of delicious dishes, or socialising with a glass of wine.

Cool and clean

We find ourselves outside again for one last look – and here we longingly admire the cool blue surface of that inviting swimming pool. Its round, soft curves nicely contrast against the hard, strong shapes of the villa. While we’re on the subject, feast your eyes on these 10 Spectacular Swimming Pools!

Soft spots of green foliage with bright purple florals jump out from the pristine pale beige surroundings, pleasantly mixing with the coolness of both pool and sky. This is the ideal space for entertaining friends – comfortable pool lounges, a veranda neatly shaded from the sun, and a slight glimpse of a gazebo standing in the garden. 

Closely admiring the villa, the roof garden catches our eyes – the pale pink flora not only looks beautiful, but also positively contributes to the environment. It protects the villa from humidity during summer, and also provides insulation when winter strikes. 

A classy, elegant villa that exudes a friendliness that will make any visitor feel right at home!

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