Small kitchens: 7 great ideas to optimise the space

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A tiny kitchen doesn't have to become a huge problem, if you know how to properly use the space available to you! Kitchen planners have become adept at making small spaces seem phenomenally bigger, so we have followed their lead and honed in on a handful of secrets that promise to unlock the hidden potential in even the most teeny of rooms! If you have a small kitchen that is a big concern for you, then read on and see how you can enjoy more room without breaking the bank!

1. Merge rooms.

If you have a separate kitchen and dining room, open them up into one space, as a small kitchen will naturally take on the functionality of the extra area and feel twice the size. Plus, open plan living is so fashionable that you'd be cutting edge too!

2. Include small top cupboards.

Of course, you need storage in a small kitchen or the countertops will become cluttered, but only have a few small top cupboards. This will make the room feel bigger, but still give you all the containment space you need.

3. Add a bar.

Having a breakfast bar in your kitchen makes great dual use of your countertop and offers an easy solution to the problem of not having enough space for a dining table. Opt for sleek stools that can slide underneath and the profile will be stealthy and contemporary. 

4. Always have bright lighting.

No matter how small a room is, bright lighting will always make it seem exponentially larger. Swap dull bulbs for daylight imitation ones and if you have windows, remove all the dressings, to let natural light flow in too!

5. Have a multi-purpose island.

If you just about have space for an island, give it a multitude of uses, to really get more bang for your buck. Add extra storage into it, make it a breakfast bar too and even think about locating your sink in it, to free up more main counter space.

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6. Think about an L-shape for extra storage.

Small, awkward kitchens don't have to be a nightmare, as you can use them to your advantage. An L-shaped design will let you get more out of those usually wasted corners, with clever carousels and an extra top cupboard. 

7. Add innovative details.

If you need to save space wherever possible and streamline the look of your kitchen, everything needs to serve a purpose, which is why we love this clever blackboard wall! Perfect for writing shopping lists on, or menu planning, it makes everything a little more fun too! That's never a bad thing!

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Are you going to try any of these suggestions out in your kitchen?

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