9 incredible showers boxes for your bathroom!

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Moradia de grandes proporções no Rio de Janeiro, Studio Claudia Pimenta e Patricia Franco Decoração de Interiores Studio Claudia Pimenta e Patricia Franco Decoração de Interiores Modern Bathroom
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The act of showering can be a different subject to people. There are those who can't wait to get in and out of the shower, others that long for that dip in the bathtub, and probably most of us can't really function without a shower in the morning, much like a cup of coffee to wake up. Whatever group you feel like you belong too, it doesn't matter, the bathroom has to be a functional one, especially the shower. There are a myriad of things that have to be right for a really fantastic shower.

Today we are getting the best tips from the professionals and compiled 9 ideas for you to improve that shower experience. Shall we?

1. Two shower heads

The team behind this fab design is Arquitetura e Interior who decided to install a two shower heads for the maximum showering experience. Besides the duo shower head, with this generous bathroom space, a bathtub was also added. 

2. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the most common materials used for bathroom walls, whether it be for decoration purposes or for practicality, as it is durable, easy to clean and above all, they look great. There are so many diverse mosaic tile options that you can pretty much create a masterpiece of an art work or keep it clean choosing one color and one size. What did you think of this design? 

3. White

White is clearly the best choice when we look at bathroom, the white is the color that gives small bathroom a sense of spaciousness and the color that gives you clean lines and easy knowledge of when to clean your bathroom. This particular bathroom, designed by INOVA Arquitetura, has a hot tub, a shower and plenty of space to relax

4. Industrial

What a different design from what we usually see. Industrial design bathroom is a great way to go by using minimalist lines, neutral colors, modern installations that will stand the test of time. Although it has a cold feel due to the gray and white color, the room is extremely cozy with the added table, green plaque, and modern sanitary equipment. 

5. Wood

Marble is used for the walls that will get splashes of water coming from the shower heads, the architects Beth Nejm went all out by installing two shower heads and a spa section that is surrounded by wood flooring, the duo head hot tub is an amazing space for the ultimate relaxation. It definitely reminds us of a sauna, don't you think?  

6. Curves

An amazing idea from interior designers Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kilaris, who maximized this bathroom space by adding curves that make the shower functional. Salmon pink and white mosaic tiles are used to give a neutral but still stylish design to this bathroom.

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7. A view

For those who lives higher up in apartments or isolated houses, can make fantastic use of having big windows, for that maximization of light during the day, and have a beautiful view during the evening. A sense of freedom and space is added by the architects at StudioDWG Arquitetura e Interiores Ltda, who designed this particular bathroom. 

8. Natural

A great idea from architect Gabriela Pereira was to add a sense of nature to this space, a bamboo towel rack, using slate for the flooring; which is an usual approach to countries with higher temperature, wood frame surrounding the mirror, and a green wall. Wow!

9. Gradient

Last but not least we have another creative design, provided by Barbara Dundes at ARQ + DESIGN, using slate, but in different colors, you have this gradient effect that when the light hits, completely transforms. 

What did you think of the industrial bathroom in the this selection? Tell us! 

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