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13 ideas for small homes that will turn them stylishly modern

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The modern design style is perfect for decorating small spaces, because it first of all seeks simplicity in both lines of furniture and color palette, giving priority to neutral tones that provide relaxed and quiet environments. It is also a style which has to be constant, maintaining integrated environments and incorporating as much natural light as possible.

In addition to the requirements of an overarching modern style, there are also some elements which will be required to make a success out of a small home. If you are looking to give a cozy feeling to a small house, you must avoid decorative oppression and excess elements. 

Today we have 13 ideas from homify experts to give a little house a modern and inviting appearance. Be inspired by the following images!

1. The use of earthy colors

Earthy tones are the most used in the  decoration of the modern, trend as they are able to convey emotions and influence the mood of people. These colors create calm and cozy spaces, perfect for socializing and relaxing. These shades provide naturalness to the environment, so your room will be perfect to enjoy to the fullest.

You can include wood furniture and add touches of white on the walls and ceiling to give more light and life to the space. In this design we see a delicate combination of beige tones that manages to convey warmth, elegance and modernity.

2. Decorating a small, modern house

The best thing about this decorating style is it's simplicity, making it ideal for small spaces. The intention is to maximize every corner, leaving any object that does not perform a function and so giving the room a feeling of tranquility. 

The tendency of the colors used is that of the light shades, the presence of textiles that can be floral patterns, plaids or stripes and exquisite combination of natural fibers. The presence of rugs adds warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to environments, and the presence of natural light is paramount in this trend. In this design we can see the simplicity of the lines of the furniture in a neutral color scheme and vibrant notes, as well as the presence of the window that integrates the house with the outside and vice versa.

3. Mirrors and art

To avoid the feeling of oppression in small environments, place mirrors which will be of great help, as these elements manage to get to higher spatial extent and enhance the brightness of space. A mirror in a large format wall will make your room look sensational. 

In this example, we can see the charm offered by the presence of the side wall with a mirror from floor to ceiling, but also the idea of including bright and vibrant colors like yellow, which gives us the feeling of joy and makes the room look fresh and full of life.  One detail that elevates the style of your home decor is adding art works that denote your preferences and personality, as in this case, adding elegance and sophistication in addition to the cozy and sensational atmosphere.

4. Vibrant colors

Yellow is a cheerful color that represents the mind and intellect, besides being an optimistic tone. Yellow is also a good choice because it projects much brightness and energy. If you're going to paint the walls or ceiling, choose soft tones, but if you want a more vibrant version, choose a cabinet that is the focal point of space and combine it with neutral tones to avoid saturating the atmosphere.

5. The dining room

The dining room should be friendly and in harmony with the rest of the decor of the house, hence the choice of the table and chairs is of great importance.

The color will be as important as any other element of this space, and you should seek above all neutral colors as it allows a wider range of combinations both with chairs, walls and even the dishes you have at home! This tonal range will be present at all times, so it should be calm and cozy.

6. A foyer with style

Maybe you only have space for one nice piece of furniture in the foyer that allows you to leave keys, correspondence and bag, so we recommend choosing furniture with the special touch that emphasizes the personality of your home and your tastes.

In this example the combination of materials is exceptional. In front of an imposing concrete wall, we find a spot full of warmth provided by the wooden furniture of this elegant hall, which is decorated only by a discreet plant and a few ornaments. The work on the wall adds distinction to the design, like the wood-paneled wall and mirror.

7. Beautiful indoor garden

In the hall you should receive a friendly air, as it is the preamble to the interior of our house. The basis of this space is to reflect tranquility, good light and personal details, allowing for the versatility to decorate in many ways. 

This interior garden on a stone floor with white achieves a dramatic contrast with the red wall. It is a modern and sensational option to impress your guests.

8. Stylish modern kitchen

The option of keeping the range in neutral tones never fail in the decor of any room you want to decorate or remodel, but does not have to be boring. Some colors to match the tones of beige, earthy cream, brown and gray. This color combination dissolves the lines of the room and help create depth.

And this is the perfect example of modernity and elegance, where a variety of these colors like gray, metal, beige and white combine well with warm lighting and a few yellow notes, all bowing to a brilliant flash of red. 

9. Balcony or small terrace

If, even though the house is small, you are lucky enough to have a balcony or a small terrace, you must not forget to fill it with your style and special decoration. Textiles can add color and texture to the terrace without resorting to a lot of furniture or accessories. A carpet and some cushions make the space comfortable and very aesthetically pleasing. Choose natural fibers to achieve a fresher and more relaxed feeling, as in this example.

10. The bedroom

This bedroom plays with different shades of gray, a perfect elegant, sober and sophisticated color for a bedroom that is ideal for rest. 

The concrete walls give the feeling of security and strength, to feel protected in our most private and intimate space of the house. The large window that allows the incorporation of the exterior, add notes of enlivened green space and contrast.

11. The bathroom

In modern bathrooms, we can see that the geometry and finishing materials are the foundations to a successful design. Transparent glass partitions, the use of wood and concrete, are a constant in most of these modern spaces.

12. Dividing environments

A great option to mark the different environments in the home is through the combination of various materials to coat the floor of the rooms, an original idea that will allow you to achieve this effect without placing dividing walls or furniture in a limited space.

Choose materials that give you an orderly and harmonious combination, try one of the designs is smooth and neutral tone, allowing you to add a more detailed model without burdening the environment.

13. Murals to replace windows

When a home does not have windows, a good option is to include photo murals, because it can give us the feeling of greater spaciousness and create the illusion of having a landscape. 

This room combines rustic, modern and industrial elements. We can see materials such as concrete, wood, and brick making a very special atmosphere which is distinguished, with a touch of modernity but endearing and timeless. Choosing a photographic mural that continues the dialogue of the room's materials and colors, is perfect in this space, increasing the feeling of spaciousness by walking sight along the stone corridor between white and gray. 

Well, these 13 ideas will surely get you on track to elegantly furnish your small, modern home, and there is plenty more inspirational projects here on homify, such as this cool and cozy modern home.

Which of these 13 proposals did you enjoy the most?
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