11 Designer Kitchens that will blow your Mind

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In line with the ever changing design trends & client needs, Scarsdale, New York based interior designers and decorators cleandesign have come up with some absolutely stunning kitchen concepts that pack a lavishly contemporary & hearty punch.

Come with homify as we embark on a journey to discover the genius design & remarkable execution of 11 of these designer marvels from the house of cleandesign.

Teal Garnish for White Delicacy

The splendid kitchen space bathed in sparkling white is a real visual treat with the metallic components adding a hint of jazz. The eye catching notes of teal dazzle in the plush magnificence of this white kitchen; clear spherical pendant lights, fresh flowers, canary yellow vase, subtle wall decor, mellow wooden floor & the concentric ceiling patterns concealing LED's are some endearing details that add an entirely novel dimension to this bright & well lit spectacle of sober opulence.

Clear Grace of Chic Utility

Tastefully functional design, stylish textures, current accents and the dynamic duo of wood & white—need we say more?

Lavish Transparency in Fashionable Details

Transparent chairs, lime green touches, & grayish blue matte wall tiles stand out in this white conquest. Fresh hues of flowers, overhead white kitchen cabinets, metallic top kitchen table & ample lighting fill the kitchen with a charmingly practical essence. Did you notice the pendant light in the adjoining dining area?

Dazzling Luminosity

Striking contrasts & subtle pizzazz define this kitchen basking in modern suggestions for all its elements. With the natural light pouring in aplenty, through the skylights, adding to its illumination, this space radiates an impeccably stylish refinement.

Earthy and Vibrant

Radiating home style warmth, this sober kitchen is well equipped with all the modern fittings & oodles of welcoming charm. The flamboyant touch of fiery orange adds a brilliant complement to soothing brown & white tones. Bright & amply lit, this kitchen bears refreshingly simple accents. The glossy black counter top goes beautifully with the wall mosaic.

Packaged for Poise

Crimson, dark woody warmth, glossy brick-style bluish white marble, hint of metallic luster and the evergreen white wonder- a power packed combo indeed! Do not miss the classic pendant lights.

Radiating Cheer

Full of bright and hearty cheerfulness is how this lovely kitchen can be summed up. Elegantly adorned by stainless steel, glass & canary yellow, the luxuriously furnished kitchen sings modish tones.

Uncomplicated Finesse

Contemporary design executed with humble simplicity is what makes this kitchen stand out. Every element has been incorporated thoughtfully, so as to compromise neither on looks nor on functionality. Look at the navy blue hints and the dining chairs around the black kitchen table—jazzy but grounded!

A Unique Personality

The warm personal character imparted by arty trinkets & wall decor, inviting blend of lime green & light brown, mild gray support to wooden accents and the lovely subtle wall pattern overlooking the kitchen counter lend a lingering feel of originality to this kitchen.

Gorgeously Green

Soothing palette, refreshing decor and a down to earth essence wrapped in modern flair - this is the heart & soul of the beautiful kitchen shown here.

Cozy Aesthetics of Warmth

Neutral colors and sober design define this modular kitchen that boasts of the generosity of wood, visually appealing utility & a restrained contemporary character.

Now we know that the right combination of colors & textures, tasteful accents and thoughtful style can create true masterpieces. Don’t you agree?

Which one of these are you going to emulate at your home? Share with us in comments!

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