10 Fabulous and original breakfast bars

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Waking up in the morning is quite a difficult task. You need to get up, take a shower, get dressed, and then try to grab something to eat before leaving to go to work. Why not make your day a bit brighter and create a breakfast bar to grab a quick bite to eat before heading off for a busy day? Breakfast bars are great because you don't need to adorn them with much to keep them stylish and they are very practical. Pull up a stool and a bowl of cereal and you're ready to go in just a few minutes!

Below are ten ideas to get you inspired to create a stunning breakfast bar for your kitchen that only require a bit of planning.

An outdoor breakfast bar

If you have an outdoor barbecue area, why not incorporate a bar for more seating and a gorgeous breakfast view? This barbecue area is set outdoors with a large overhang from the house, creating an extra room space . This allows the space to be used during any time of year or under any weather conditions, making this breakfast bar an added bonus for those days where you want to enjoy the outdoors. The dark hardwood counter of the bar contrasts nicely with the all white design of the room and juts out from the sink area leaving quite a lot of empty space underneath the floating counter to store some round stools. 

Versatility is key for this case

Depending on the style and structure of your kitchen, you may not have room for a dining area and breakfast bar. While a dining table is great for larger groups, if you are just a small family a bar set right behind the main countertop is perfect to incorporate an area for quick eating or a longer meal. This home features an open floor plan that allows the kitchen to seamlessly flow into the living area, therefore the breakfast bar acts as a division between the two spaces. This bar is also set lower than the regular countertop so that regular chairs can be used rather than stools, further blurring the line between a formal dining area and a breakfast bar.

Simple and beautiful

Having a breakfast bar in the kitchen doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money or have a lot of extra space. A breakfast bar can be a simple addition to your existing countertop that enables people to sit and enjoy a quick meal without taking up valuable counter space. This kitchen is a great example with its cantilevered breakfast bar that is not only beautiful but practical. This kitchen features white cabinets, countertops and island with light wooden cabinets so the addition of the breakfast bar is a great way to break up the white and pull the space together. The light hardwood bar is set just slightly higher than the island giving the space more dimension as well.

A bar for a big family

If you have a big family or just don't want to have a formal dining area, a large bar in the center of the kitchen is an solution that meets in the middle… literally. This kitchen is the perfect example of using the island as an anchor point for a large L-shaped table that can easily sit six people. The idea of foregoing a formal dining table is great because it takes up less room and can seat more people than a traditional round table. This kitchen features a stone island base with black granite countertops, so the wood in the space is just another addition to the mix of materials. The wooden bar also serves as a warm element to the space that is dominated by stone.

Something for everyone

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen then having a breakfast bar is just an added bonus! This L-shaped kitchen features a large countertop that also incorporates the breakfast bar, meaning that you can use it as added work space if needed. Since there is enough space, the island in this room is self-sufficient and free from other distractions leaving the breakfast bar as the perfect place to enjoy a quick meal without disturbing the other zones of the kitchen. This beautiful kitchen also utilizes the space underneath the bar to create more storage space!

Even small kitchens can have a bar!

No matter the size of your home or kitchen, there is still space to have a breakfast bar. Take this small apartment where we can see a small two-seater bar coming out of the wall dividing the kitchen and living areas. This bar is great because it has just enough room to have a quick meal without taking up too much space or feeling too clunky because it is just a simple panel with negative space underneath. This area also creates extra seating for the living room if you are hosting a party or even as a bar for snacks and drinks, making it a beautiful and versatile part of your home!

Long kitchens deserve a bar

Based on most of this article, you might think that you would need a square kitchen or an island in order to incorporate a breakfast bar into the design. However, this isn't true! If you have a long and narrow kitchen, such as this one, you can still have the best of a square kitchen. Having your breakfast bar parallel to the counters allows you to have a dining area without a traditional table, which can be quite clunky in a narrow space. This bar comfortably seats four and can also be used as extra counterspace if desperately needed. It seamlessly matches the counters and cabinets parallel to it and that symmetry makes the space feel more open.

Making use of empty space

For those who have an L-shaped kitchen but are lacking an island, you may be wondering what to do with all of that negative space. Adding a traditional table would make the space feel clunky and cluttered, causing you to run into it while trying to get to the fridge or oven. However, if you utilize the empty space and create a U-shaped kitchen with a simple breakfast bar, you still get a seating area without creating a clunky mess! This kitchen is the perfect example and shows that this simple addition leaves plenty of room to go between appliances and can also seat four people comfortably! Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Think outside the box

Most people think that the way a room is built is the way it has to remain unless you want to do a huge renovation. That is not always the case, however. This kitchen is a great example of expanding your room into another space without breaking down walls or destroying another room. This idea is great for those who have an open floor plan in their house and can play around with extra additions. This breakfast bar seamlessly comes out of the countertop which ends at the wall not only creating a small division between the entryway and kitchen but also adding a visually interesting piece to the space.

A seamless addition to your island

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Not all islands have to have a distinct division between the bar and work space. This kitchen, for example, uses one large structure to create both a seating area and a work space. The cooking range and kitchen sink are on one half of the island while empty space graces the other half of the countertop and creates a space to enjoy a quick meal or even have a chat without getting in the way of the chef. This stools at this bar also pull from the red cabinets across the kitchen and help to tie the whole space together.

Have you always wanted a place to enjoy a quick meal? Check out these breakfast bar ideas!

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