12 Clever Hacks Every Kitchen Needs

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Today here at homify we are gathering convenient and stylish kitchen design hacks that will spruce up your home. We are taking inspiration from the incredibly talented interior designers who have shared with us their tricks and tips. 

As mentioned before, we have a myriad of kitchen styles and ideas brought to you by the professionals who are featured in the homify page, but today we will be concentrating on 12 Clever Hacks Every Kitchen Needs.

So this one goes out to you!  Shall we?

1. Island Unit

The kitchen island can be multi tasking, and this is exactly what the professionals want you to know, how to best use this wonderful kitchen tool. The island can be used as the main stovetop, cutting board and storage. The multitasking wonder of the kitchen island allows you to move freely between the dining table, sink, stove, fridge, making the mosy around easy peasy.

2. The Hidden Compartment

If you have a small kitchen, it is more likely that you will try to maximize your counter space, as without it there is no cooking. Professional interior designers and carpenters have all the latest solutions to small sized rooms. In this instance, we have a drawer surprise, when pulled, it creates a small table or a continuation of a kitchen countertop. You decide what you want to use this space for or just put it away and pretend like nothing happened.

3. Hanging your Pots and Pans

This is all to do with a mix of styles, where the country house and the industrial design meets. Let us make some storage where it wont interfere with our moseying around, why not the ceiling? And not only does it create space, it looks distinctive and modern. Why not?

4. Hanging Around

Another example of clever storage, this time, the pots and pans are located on top of the bar, and not the kitchen island. What do you think of this style?

5. Hidden: Pull-Out Cabinets

Hidden behind a wood panel, lays a basket style drawer that slides easily for your access. Brilliant designs are there for you already, time to grab some and improve your kitchen. 

6. Hidden: Pull Out Cabinets in Steel

What a fantastic design! Here the professionals are showing you a three shelf storage unit idea, also hidden by a panel.  In the photo you can see that each shelf has a different height to fit all your kitchen ware needs, the baskets are made of steel and can accommodate heavy and large pots and pans. Meanwhile the top shelves can be used to store smaller and lighter things. Genius!

7. A Narrow Shelf

In need of space? Why not built an open shelf alongside a corridor that leads to the kitchen. The shelf doesn't take too much of the space as it only extends about 7 inches from the wall, allowing you to roam freely from one side to the other but at the same time creating a fantastic option for storage of all things. It is stylish too!

If you liked these ideas for kitchen storage, check this ideabook out: 11 Storage Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

8. Using Lights

Another way to help you maintain your storage tidy and not forget that packet of dried pasta lost somewhere in the back of the closet is to use lighting inside the shelving system. Brilliant don't you think?

9. A Multifunctioning Wardrobe

Besides the storage you have with a normal wardrobe, designers and carpenters are inventing new ways for our homes to look sleeker and tidier, this is a great example of that. This wardrobe doubles up as a double storage, as the doors are also used as shelving units. Either keep those doors open and cook, and when you are not cooking, close them and it all goes away. 

10. For the Neat Freak

If you are like us here at homify, we are prone to like things that look modern and tidy. This is the best example for that neat freak in all of us. The unit that disappears with discreet panels. Shall we say more?

11. The Faucet

The faucet has come a long way throughout the decades, besides the functionality, there are many out there that feature fantastic durability and design. In this case, this round restaurant kitchen-like design tell us that we can have the best of both worlds, functionality and durability, but never forgetting design.

12. The Black Board

The teacher is in, we mean, the cook is in. Not only is the black board a functional add to your kitchen it is also incredibly useful. Technology today also dictates that you can have different kinds of black boards in your home. Ones that are painted directly on the wall or ones like this one, a mural for the artist in you. 

Which kitchen hack would you add to your home? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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