6 Smart Ideas to jazz up your L- shaped Kitchen

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Of all the home spaces, the kitchen is considered the most important. Being the hub of the household, it also has a group of expert professionals, the kitchen planners, dedicated to planning & beautifying it. It requires a lot of thought to decide upon the style, color, material, kitchenware, furniture, walls, etc. befitting your requirements & tastes, when you are all set to decorate your dream kitchen.

Professional help is a great tool to facilitate an easy decision making process when faced with innumerable options, especially when we have a specific layout. 

Today at homify, we are going to present you with 6 such inspiring ideas that will help you pimp up your L- shaped kitchen. Come along!

Gathering some Gloss

This modern kitchen dazzles in white glory with warm wooden accents. The blue walls above the counter are illuminated with LEDs fitted underneath the white kitchen cabinets, lighting up the work area in modish grandeur. Furnished with a contemporary finesse, this kitchen radiates hearty pizzazz.

Convenience for Elegant Practicality

Corner location of this charming industrial style kitchen is replete with functional grace & the clear essence of refreshing elements. The brightness of the floral decor adds a vibrant touch. The simple yet soberly appealing large mirror suggests an open layout with different functional spaces defined by furniture, lighting & decor. From what we can see here, the kitchen design appears very convenient for smoothly working in the kitchen space without an appliance interfering with operation of another- for example, working with the grill will not interfere with opening the refrigerator door (not visible) simultaneously. So, at a time, 2-3 persons can easily work in the kitchen, moving smoothly without getting in one another’s way.

Wood & White Wonder

Scandinavian style of this warm & cozy kitchen packs neat style in its welcoming soberness. With proper storage solutions & appealing decor, it bears a unique home style charm. Similar to many European homes in having a small kitchen area, this one possesses a subtle industrial hint with brick-style white tiles pleasingly adorning the walls.

Magically Spectacular

White - a color synonymous with unparalleled elegance & oodles of style! A white palette is a sure-shot winner, irrespective of the size of the kitchen. Armed with an amazing ability to make the room visually spacious & bright besides adding a generous dose of tranquil charm, white is a very efficient tool to erase borders. The Scandinavian beauty in this photo depicts a kitchen laden with the glory of white with a warm woody touch here & there, ample storage in white kitchen cabinets and some lovely decor. In this space housing the kitchen table & chairs, the exterior view rings in an inviting Christmas-y feel.

Terraced Wholesomeness

Attached to the country flavored small terrace space, this modern kitchen is well equipped for dishing out hearty sumptuousness for leisurely meals. With plenty of closed as well as open storage solutions, wall mounted wine cellar, optimal lighting and shiny black granite counter top, this kitchen looks cozy & eclectic.

Narrowed down to Appealing Ingenuity

This narrow kitchen sings in soothing lavender tones, in the backdrop of gray soberness. Full of subtle sophistication, this well lit kitchen offers a compact arrangement to fulfill all your kitchen needs. Though low on dimensions, it is big on the Wow factor with graceful floor tiles, aesthetic wall mosaic, & refreshing hues of floral decor.

Which one are you going to pick for your L-shaped kitchen?

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