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5 Incredible small bathroom transformations

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At the end of a long, hard day, we all simply want to spend some time in the bathroom to wash ourselves of the day's debris. Now, imagine you get to your bathroom after just such an exhausting day and start to carefully remove your makeup, when you turn the shower faucets to start your soothing cleansing process. It seems, however, that the taps aren't working quite right and you can't manage the temperature, the tiles below your feet are crumbling and unsightly, and you start to feel claustrophobic in the tiny space available to you. That doesn't sound very relaxing at all, does it?

If you want to enjoy this time, absolutely high standards of cleanliness and a bright bathroom is required, from the lighting to the material and color choice to be considered. If this is not the case in your bathroom, it does not mean that you have to put up with it! You can always go ahead and transform the entire space, regardless of its size. Therefore, we bring you a list of 5 incredible bathroom transformations, all of which were done in modest dimensions. 

We are sure you'll not be disappointed, but in fact inspired by our selection. 

1. Before: Falling apart

Before - Bathroom homify



If you'd have to take a bath in this room, you'd not be wrong to be afraid to open your eyes. In addition to the very outdated bathroom equipment and broken tiles, the toilet is also situated right next to the bathtub without a necessary divided between the two. 

After: Neutral and beautiful

After the transformation, the bathroom walls and floor tiles are all in neutral colors, and these shiny surface ensures the look of a very clean bathroom. Warm tones are also brought into the mix with the wooden storage cabinet. A pleasant transformation indeed!

2. Before: Old school

Faded tile walls and sanitary equipment does not meet modern living habits, making this bathroom look very old fashioned! Although it looks quite a bit better than the first image we saw, it still does not make people want to be here more than necessary. 

After: Bold and black

After the transformation, the bathroom is simply amazing. The designer's bold use of black lines with warm yellow light makes the space look very energetic.

3. Before: Dark and dull

The use of colors in this bathroom is really not in line with current trends and fashion, and this dispensation makes the bathroom look like an unmanageable small space. 

After: Sleek and powerful

When white replaces the original dark red, the same area of the small bathroom can actually become so spacious. In addition to the toilet and sink being replaced with modern fixtures, the designers also added a full bathtub, so that the inhabitants can also enjoy the luxury of a soak. 

4. Before: Strange colors

As with the previous before image, this bathroom does not have a very appealing use of color, purple toilet seat cover coupled with earthy tile, people will suspect that the homeowners have no taste whatsoever. 

After: Augmented white

You can instantly feel the results of the reform with the use of white, pure magic! White walls and white floors, plus a large mirror, such a small bathroom becomes automatically more spacious. 

5. Before: congested

Before the transformation, this bathroom did not seem to go through proper planning. The original plan design seems to not maximize the space of this room. 

After: Open

Beige walls and rustic drawers, along with a sensible arrangement, makes this transformed bathroom look very chic. The original sense of congestion disappeared, replaced by a very open atmosphere. 

These five bathroom transformations surely showed us how to make the best out of a small bathroom.

Which of these bathroom transformations were you most impressed with?
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