10 exterior coatings for pimping up your facade!

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When you want your home to make a real impression, you've got to start thinking about how you finish your facade! With a myriad of different effects and coatings available, your decision could mean the difference between a home that makes passers-by shout wow, or raise a quizzical eyebrow and wonder what you were thinking! We want you to always elicit an impressed response, so we have taken a look at what some of the most talented architects are favoring, in order to show you today! Get ready to finish your home to absolute perfection!

1. Stone cladding.

For a rustic or Mediterranean feel, this stone cladding is the only way to go! All the effect of full natural stone, but with none of the structural work needed! Amazing! You'd need to finish your front garden off to match, so grab some palm trees!

2. Exposed bricks.

Most houses are built from bricks and it seems such a shame to always cover them up, so how about simply painting them for a cute, more pared back look? There's something so homely about this finish!

3. Bright colors.

This won't be for everyone, but if you want your home to stand out in a crowd, or a street, could you dare you choose a super vibrant render? This beetroot shade is really tempting us!

4. Textured concrete.

Popular in far more than just industrial building, tamped concrete is making a big explosion into the modern housing market, with people looking to leave it natural, for a really striking impression. Good lighting is a must for this one!

5. Neutral finishes.

If smooth render is what you want, but a bright color isn't for you, don't shy away from all those lovely coffee and cream hues! Your home would look the epitome of sophisticated architecture with a latte finish!

6. Half and half.

Mixing two different finishes is a great way to guarantee a unique and personalized facade! The smooth render and chunky stone cladding here are the perfect pairing, as they contrast and complement each other simultaneously. 

7. A mixed palette.

If one bight color simply isn't enough, how about two? This watermelon color scheme might not be your cup of tea, but it does show that more than one hue can work amazingly well together on one frontage! Oooh, what about black and white?

8. Gorgeous glass.

Naturally, your whole facade can't be made from glass, but for a show stopping insert, most of one wall could be, say, next to your entrance! What a way to really up the exterior game on your street!

9. Brick art.

Exposed red bricks look amazing, but when they are laid with an artistic pattern in mind, they become spectacular! This is a really artisan craft and adds such texture and stylish nuances to even a simple structure!

10. Full stone.

If you are lucky enough to live in a rustic home that has been built from irregular stone, don't cover that up! It's such a unique and pretty detail, it seems a shame to smother all that work in plaster! Let it breathe!

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Which of these finishes is your favorite?

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