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One of the best things you can do when planning the decor of your new house is to include a few of nature’s gems to enhance the beauty of your interiors. Yes, there is a large and fascinating variety of houseplants available that can easily be included in any decor! Ranging from a few tall and stately palms for a spacious, luxurious living area to a pot of elegant orchids for a small apartment, to untamed ferns for a rustic look—there is absolutely no limitation on the way you can embrace the grace and freshness of a houseplant! 

Today we bring to you a list of 10 living spaces that have been improved with the simple inclusion of one or more plants. The credit for the images goes to the media and bloggers at Custom Media. Let’s have a look!

1. Living In The Woods

Plants of varying heights adorn the living and dining spaces to optimum effect! Teamed with wooden flooring and furniture and with large glass windows that let in a flood of natural light, the abundance of greenery seems to create a gorgeous forest environment. What fun to enjoy a meal in this wooded sanctuary!

2. Single Beauty

This comfortable living space looks well-furnished and cozy, hence requires only a single tall plant to lend its elegant beauty to the decor.

3. Adorning The Bathroom

This trendy bathroom with its neutral tones gets a splash of color and a dash of pizzazz, thanks to the green plant nestled in the corner!

4. Potted Plants

A broad-leaved potted plant is a dramatic accessory for a side table, shelf or mantelpiece. If possible, place it near a window for maximum effect!

5. Elegant Decor

Elegant plants are ideal in an elegant, minimalist decor scheme. Note how the two stylish plants in this very chic, modern room harmonize with the white, gray and brown color palette and add a distinguished touch to the minimalist environment.

6. Create An Arbour

What a unique idea to build a lovely leafy arbour over your bathtub! Small potted plants on either end of the tub complete the look. We could certainly enjoy a hot soak here!

7. Embellishing The Kitchen

Spreading ferns are the perfect match for a spacious, bright and well-ventilated kitchen!

8. Lending Poise

This modern, jazzy living area with its bright splashes of red is given dignity and a restful note by this plant in its attractive pot.

9. A Striking Effect

These adorable pots of prettiness look quite stunning against the yellow and green color palette!

10. Rustic Beauty

Have a rustic decor scheme in place? A small wild-looking plant in a rustic pot will look delightful on your bedroom table!

Get inspired and add a splash of living emerald to your home with any of these 10 spectacular ways of decorating your living spaces with nature’s beauties! 

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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