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7 South African living rooms with ideas for you

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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The South African living room is a place to relax, entertain and unwind with family and friends. This Ideabook is filled with details and design ideas for a typical living area, that although may be small in size, is also quite big on elegance and simplicity. The ideal living room has a comfortable sofa, coffee table for resting drinks or food and of course a TV for those chilled nights. Modern homes now see the dining area incorporated into the living space, and the team of interior designers have expertly picked out which elements of decor are a must-have in this space, let's begin exploring!

1. Sofa selection

Choosing a sofa is vital for a comfortable and usable living room. Neutral colours are a great choice and when paired with a simple coffee table and some lovely natural light, the space is chic and attractive.

2. Modern fireplace

Everyone likes the idea of having a unique feature in their home, and there's not much that can beat this ultra-cool fireplace in terms of modern styling and statement making design.

3. The dining area

A dining area that forms part of an open plan living space doesn't require that many extra aspects to make it interesting, but for a personal touch without taking up too much space, a shelf with some photographs and mementos is a superb choice. The minimalist look of this dining area is uncluttered and tidy, just the way we like it!

4. Wallpaper and lighting

The choice of decor and detail goes a long way to making your living room that much more elegant and attractive, and wonderful wallpaper, paired with brilliant illumination is a top choice for a dramatic effect. This neutral colour decor is simple and chic. How's that for an interesting and attractive looking modern home interior?

5. Eclectic styling

There's something so amazing about unique and eclectic styled homes, and this one is truly fascinating. The addition of some collectors' items as ornaments adds to this great decor, along with the sleek and stylish silver chest, that makes us wonder… what's hidden inside?

6. Something rustic

This is the opposite view of the living room, and we can see a comfortable brown leather sofa for seating with some other rustic decor and a skin rug for that South African detail. Enjoy some conversation with family and friends while you take in the atmosphere and detailed design of this masculine living room. It's a man-cave after all!

7. For entertainment

We've come to the end of our Ideabook, but we need to bear in mind a different type of living room decor too. The spacious option with a lot of seating. This L-shaped sofa allows for a great deal of friends and family to enjoy the comfort of a modern home and all participate in the conversation too. The soft rug is an excellent homely choice for the space, while the abundance of natural light adds to the cosy atmosphere. It's a neutral colour with some accents, but the overall decor is attractive and comfortable. These 10 stunning colours for South African living rooms will leave you inspired too!

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