A Sophisticated & Unique Family Home

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Home style luxury does not hinge merely on the number of storys, dimensions of the house or the furnishings & decor. A refined taste for aesthetics & a good understanding of spaces is sufficient to lend a cozy elegance to the home.

A large number of clients believe that one floor may not be enough to meet the specifications of an integrated floor plan. So, today homify will take you on a house tour wherein you will find remarkable panache, posh finesse & a fabulous integration of home spaces—all within a single story. This brilliance is a handiwork of the Polanco based architects romerodelamora, who have exquisitely wrapped opulent grace in precise simplicity. Have a look!

Face of Uncomplicated Flair

The no-frills front facade overlooking the street, with the vehicle parked in the small garage, bears a welcoming charm. The small flight of concrete stairs leads to the brightly lit interior space that dazzles through the clear glass windows. Lovely green elements add to the sober appeal of the frontage.

Lighting it up with a Green Thumb

A closer look at the simple white facade reveals an elegant simplicity brightened with charming lights & palliative greenery. An exquisitely welcoming warmth!

Backed by a Reinvigorating Touch

From this view, we can appreciate the green elements inside as well as outside in the garden. The clear glass incorporated in the wall, along with the cozy lighting in the interior, lends an essence of straightforward poise. Together with the garden outside, the vista is simply spectacular.

Overcast with Twilight Serenity

What a scene! The sky laden with dark clouds provides an excellent backdrop for soaking in the raw beauty of the modishly radiant home, with an expansive & open outdoor garden offering a lovely location to sit back, relax & enjoy the rejuvenating feel of Nature. 

It is not a bad outdoor idea to bask in the morning sunshine, while sipping your coffee, either!

Openly Magnificent

Merging the spaces to create an open layout has proved to be the perfect way to enhance the spaciousness. Absence of walls & other physical partitioning to segregate spaces, and employing light-colored furniture, placement of furniture & lighting to visually define different home areas has given the interior of this brilliant home a soothing generosity replete with snug comfort, tranquil simplicity and distinct jazz. What do you think about the exterior view?

Modern Notes of Luxurious Repose

With the strikingly patterned marble wall stealing the show, the lounge area packs a stunning punch. Matching the color scheme of the furniture comprising the plush L- shaped sofa & the simple wooden table and with its unique pebbled grace, this wall along with the alluring decor & enchanting lighting adds a lavishly inviting character to this part of the living space.

Modest Hint of Charm

The unfussy dining area adjoining the kitchen is visually appealing in its simplistic elements. The longish white dining table with a set of white solid plastic chairs, tiny green decor and pendant lights complement the graceful dining space.

Contemporary Character of Woody Warmth

This open kitchen bathed in mellowness of wood & clear white gloss consists of metallic kitchenware and offers plenty of storage solutions. The shiny marble countertop, lately a hit with kitchen planners, along with the burners provides a sassy cooking space.

Simply Gorgeous

Uncomplicated elements, magnificent lighting and a neutral palette lift this bathroom greatly. A mix of light brown & beige tones with wooden accents and a marble top housing the ceramic white washbasin, together with the golden glow of the illumination from behind the huge mirror, impart an exquisite touch of elegance. The dried leaf wall decor on the brown wall adds a novel dimension altogether.

Awesomeness carved in Stone

In front of the washbasin & toilet areas of the bathroom are the bathing areas, with the shower as well as a large ceramic bath tub, located a bit higher. Flanking the bath tub is an amazing stone wall that lends an inventive touch to the entire bathroom. This bathroom wall amazingly appears to bear different textures in different parts, owing to different sources of lighting from above & below.

Did you enjoy the tour? For some more single story wonder, have a look at the one storey home you have always wanted!

What did you like the best about this one-story abode?

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